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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What to Buy at Dollar Tree: The 50 Best Items

The ultimate list of the 50 best Dollar Tree items to hack, transform, and makeover!

Are you a frequent Dollar Tree shopper?  

Do you enjoy crafting, updating, and hacking Dollar store items? 

Are you curious about what Dollar Tree Bargains are best compared to Walmart and other competitive retailers?

I've written many Dollar Tree posts, transformed countless Dollar Tree products, and even wrote about the best Dollar Tree items for crafters and decorators.    

I've been updating Dollar Tree products for so long that I wanted to share an updated list of the 50 best items to buy at Dollar Tree.  I picked items geared towards crafters and decorators and projects and materials that will help you craft and decorate your home for less. 

what to buy at Dollar Tree

Keep in mind that inventory at Dollar Tree locations will vary.  Products that I found at my local store may not be available in all Dollar Tree locations.


1. Dollar Tree Storage Drawers 

These little plastic drawers are perfect for updating into modern industrial farmhouse storage.  You can use them to organize craft, hardware, or small household supplies. 

Dollar Tree storage drawers before

Dollar Tree Storage drawers after

2. Dollar Tree Storage Containers and Baskets

You can't go wrong with Dollar Tree storage.  They carry a wide variety of baskets and bins in various sizes and colors.  They're also super easy to update and customize to fit your decor
Dollar Tree storage baskets before
My favorites are the plastic woven baskets that can be turned into vintage locker baskets and the small plastic bins that are easy to update with spray paint
Updated Dollar Tree storage baskets after

3. Dollar Tree Storage Jars

Dollar Tree storage jars have so many great uses.  From organizing to creating unique holiday and season projects and decor.  
Dollar Tree storage jars before and after
Updated Dollar Tree storage jars

The Best Dollar Tree Floral Items

4. Dollar Tree Succulents

During the spring and summer, Dollar Tree has some pretty amazing succulent picks.  I stuck a few in terra cotta pots that I updated with paint and ribbon from Dollar Tree.

Dollar tree succulents

5. Dollar Tree Floral Picks

Dollar Tree has a wide variety of floral picks that are perfect for sprucing up your home.  I especially love using their spring florals in my home. 
Dollar Tree floral picks

6. Dollar Tree Floral Foam

Floral foam is a must for keeping your floral picks in place and creating beautiful arrangements.
Dollar Tree floral foam

7. Dollar Tree Floral Tape

The perfect craft accessory for creating beautiful wreaths.

Dollar Tree floral tape

8. Dollar Tree Foam, Wire and Grapevine Wreaths

Dollar Tree has a few options when it comes to floral wreaths.  Add floral picks to foam wreaths, mesh to wire wreaths, or succulents to grapevine wreaths.

Dollar Tree wreath forms

9. Dollar Tree Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss is perfect for adding to wreaths or floral arrangements or even to pots to give faux plants a more realistic look.
Dollar tree reindeer moss

10. Glass Gems

Add these little clear glass gems to the bottom of vases or use them to make adorable personalized glass bead pendants and magnets.
Dollar Tree clear glass gems before and after

11. Dollar Tree Clear Vases

Dollar Tree has a wide variety of clear vases that can be filled with stones from Dollar Tree or updated with a little paint and Rub 'n Buff.  They're the perfect foundation for many DIY projects.
Dollar Tree clear glass vases before and after

12. Dollar Tree Natural Raffia

Raffia is a crafting staple that can be stitched, weaved, braided, or coiled.  You can keep it in its natural state or die it for endless color combinations.

Dollar tree natural raffia

13. Dollar Tree Ribbon

Dollar Tree has a wide variety of ribbons and laces perfect for sprucing up basic towels or making bows, wreaths, keychains, wreaths, and wall hangings. Dollar Tree ribbon

The Best Dollar Tree Craft Items

14. Dollar Tree Craft Sticks

The projects you can make with Dollar Tree craft sticks are endless.  From kid and seasonal crafts to unique decor and labels.  

Dollar Tree craft sticks

15. Dollar Tree Clothespins        

These little wood clothespins are perfect for making banners, hanging important dates and information on chicken wire frames, or displaying Christmas cards from an antique window.
Dollar tree clothespins

16. Dollar Tree Bakers Twine

 I've used baker's twine for everything from wrapping gifts to making Dollar Tree Christmas votive holders.  Dollar Tree bakers twine

The Best Dollar Tree Art Supplies

17. Dollar Tree Art Palette

You can't beat the six-pack of art palettes at Dollar Tree.  They're easy to clean, but also super affordable that you can toss them and not feel bad. 
Dollar Tree art palette

18. Dollar Tree Mod Podge

Mod Podge is by far my favorite crafting glue.  This versatile glue is perfect for making DIY coasters or adding scrapbook paper to clothespins, canvases, or glass beads.  The possibilities are endless!
Dollar Tree Mod Podge

19. Dollar Tree Self Ink Stamps
Are you a scrapbooker or crafter?  Dollar Tree self-ink stamps make fun additions to scrapbook pages, cards, and craft projects.
Dollar Tree self ink stamps

20. Dollar Tree Decorative Tape

Deco Tape is another great Dollar Tree item perfect for scrapbooking or adding a fun pop of color and texture to just about any craft project.
Dollar Tree decorative tape

21. Dollar Tree Foam Board

From drawing to art projects to DIY signs, Dollar Tree foam board is great for so many craft and DIY projects.
Dollar Tree foam board

22. Dollar Tree Stretched Canvas

Just like foam board, the stretched canvas and canvas panels from Dollar Tree are great for creating customized DIY art.
Dollar Tree art canvas

23. Dollar Tree Adhesive and Poster Letters

Dollar Tree has a variety of adhesive and poster letters that are perfect for adding to Dollar Tree foam board or art canvases to create beautiful DIY signs. 

The Best Dollar Tree Party Supplies

24. Dollar Tree White Table Cloth

The plastic white tablecloths from Dollar Tree aren't just for parties.  You can lay them down to protect your table while crafting or cut them up and make a DIY Dollar Tree plastic tablecloth wreath.
Dollar tree white plastic table cloth

25. Dollar Tree Tissue Paper

Grab some Dollar Tree Mod Podge, art canvases, and a pack of tissue paper and have fun decoupaging and creating DIY art.
Dollar tree tissue paper

The Best Dollar Tree Kitchen Supplies

26. Dollar Tree Burner Covers

Burner covers aren't just for your grandma's stove.  Grab a set and make a couple stylish caption mirrors. 
dollar tree burner covers before and after

27. Dollar Tree Wire Baskets

Use Dollar Tree wire baskets to organize your kitchen drawers or create a DIY message board.  Either way, these versatile baskets are perfect for organizing or creating beautiful home decor. 
Dollar Tree wire baskets

28. Dollar Tree Dish Towels

Dollar Tree dish towels may not be the best quality (I like to use them for cleaning), but they're easy to spruce up with a little Dollar Tree lace
Dollar Tree dish towels

The Best Dollar Tree Garden Supplies

29. Dollar Tree Plant Markers

You can't beat a pack of 10 plant labels for a dollar!  Print out these free herb garden printables and you have the perfect garden accessory. 
Dollar tree plant markers before and after

30. Dollar Tree Terra Cotta Pots

Paint, age or leave them as is.  Terra cotta pots from Dollar Tree are perfect for starting a plant or herb garden or simply displaying your favorite faux greenery.
Dollar Tree terra cotta pots before and after

The Best Dollar Tree Games 

31. Dollar Tree Puzzles

Not only are Dollar Tree puzzles fun for kids, but you can also update them to create a cute personalized gift
Dollar Tree puzzles

32. Jenga

The small wood pieces of this fun wood block game are the perfect size for creating distressed number tags.
Dollar Tree Jenga

33. Dollar Tree Rubik's Cubes 

Just like puzzles, Dollar Tree Rubik's cubes are great for personalizing.  Simply print out pictures of your family or favorite vacation spots, use Mod Podge (from Dollar Tree!) to apply them to the Rubik's cube, and have fun personalizing them.
Dollar Tree Rubiks cube

The Best Dollar Tree Seasonal Decor

34. Dollar Tree Pumpkins

So many possibilities when it comes to updating Dollar Tree pumpkins.  My favorite is to cover them in chalk paint for a quick and easy update. 
Dollar Tree pumpkins before and after

35. Dollar Tree Carrot Jump Ropes

The Dollar Tree carrot jump ropes aren't just for kids.  A little paint can easily turn them into perfect neutral spring decor
Dollar Tree carrot jump rope before and after

36. Dollar Tree Garden Stakes

I've found garden stakes at Dollar Tree in the spring and fall and love to update them to create customized yard signs. 
Dollar tree garden stakes

37. Dollar Tree Metal Flower & Garden Planter

Dollar Tree has some great planters in the spring, my favorite being the metal flowers and garden planter that I easily aged for a rustic look
Dollar Tree metal Flowers & Garden planter

38. Dollar Tree Ornament Wall Decor

Add a bit of sparkle and glitter to an oversized ornament for the perfect neutral holiday decor.
Dollar Tree Ornament wall decor before and after

39. Dollar Tree Ornament Necklace

Light up your ugly Christmas sweater or transform a Dollar Tree light bulb necklace into vintage-inspired Christmas bulbs
Dollar Tree ornament necklace

40. Dollar Tree Clear Ornaments 

You can create so many fun projects with Dollar Tree clear ornaments.  Dollar Tree even has a ton of craft items that you can use to fill the ornaments. 
Dollar Tree clear ornaments before and after

The Best Dollar Tree Home Decor

41. Dollar Tree Clear Pillar Candles

These glass taper candle holders are probably one of the most popular Dollar Tree decor items.  They're great as is or update them with a little chalk paint for the perfect farmhouse look.  
Dollar tree taper candle holders

42. Dollar Tree Pedestal Candle Holder

The black and white pedestal candle holders from Dollar Tree aren't much to be desired as is, but you can easily update them with paint to look like wood
Dollar Tree pedestal candle hodlers

43. Dollar Tree Votive Holder

Dollar Tree has a few different glass votive holders, which I love using to create little gifts or favors for the holidays.  Simply add tags, greenery, and bakers twine (from Dollar Tree) to the silver mercury glass votives, or create your own mercury glass votives for a fun Valentine's Day project
Dollar Tree glass votives before and after

44. Dollar Tree Frames

Dollar Tree frames are not only great for decorating your walls, but you can turn them into fun projects like lanterns and terrariums. 
Dollar Tree frames

The Best Dollar Tree Auto and Tool Products

45. Dollar Tree Hardware Storage Case

Not an item you're going to update, but these little clear hardware storage boxes from Dollar Tree are perfect for organizing small craft and hardware supplies.  
Dollar Tree hardware storage case

46. Dollar Tree Cotton Twine

Macrame anyone? The cotton twine at Dollar Tree is perfect for all your macrame and crafting projects.
Dollar Tree cotton twine

47. Dollar Tree Foam Brushes

If you do any crafting projects then you know how important these foam brushes are.  Perfect for applying Mod Podge or stain and cheap enough to throw away.
Dollar Tree foam brushes

48. Dollar Tree Foam Mounting Tape 

49. Dollar Tree Glue Dots

Two more great Dollar Tree products are perfect for scrapbookers and a variety of crafting projects.
Dollar Tree foam mounting tape and glue dots

 50. Dollar Tree Jute Twine

Who doesn't use jute twine?  Use it to wrap gifts, make wood bead tassel garlands, wrap bottles, or create unique bracelets.  So many great project ideas with this three-pack of jute twine from Dollar Tree.
Dollar Tree Jute Twine
I hope this list of the best Dollar Tree items helps you save money on craft supplies and inspires you to get crafty and transform your own Dollar Tree finds.  

What are your favorite Dollar Tree items?
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  1. Wow, you have an awesome Dollar Tree. Our's does not carry this nice of items... Love your ideas!

  2. You must have one great Dollar Tree because our Dt doesn't carry a lot of these items. of these items. Lucky you.

  3. I head straight to Dollar Tree to grab seasonal and holiday decorations - especially after seeing a DIY on DT blogs, and I always buy silk flowers there first for my cemetery arrangements and wreaths for my home. Love their picture frames for printables, etc. seasonal decor.

  4. I actually hadn’t been in the local Dollar Tree in a year or so, since I lucked into a book I’d been looking for. It was pretty empty the other day, but I did see a few things from the list

  5. Hi Ladies. I just thought that I would mention that Dollar Tree does sell things online now. The shipping is reasonable or free.

    1. If you do SHIP TO STORE instead, you can have it shipped to your local Dollar Tree and it saves you on shipping!!!

  6. Great ideas..I absolutely love yr Carrot makeover from the jumping rope. I am going to do that one for sure.You just have to look at things in a different way and then ta da you made something amazing for a little money..😆

    1. Lorri, totally agree with your thinking there. I say the same when selling stuff at my garage sale. Don't think of it as it is, think of the item in what it COULD be! =)

  7. I don't know where YOU live, but MY Dollar Tree does not have about 75% of the things you listed in this article. Great ideas, though. Just wish my store had more items.

  8. I love DT my favorite gifts are the stepping stones and garden markers. I love brightening them to match my friends and family's homes and giving personalized gifts...

  9. I’m not sure if this is the right place to share this review, but i love Dollar Tree.

    1. I have all of these in my Dollar tree and I love to save there!

  10. Great tips and ideas. Thank you for sharing.