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Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Make Dollar Tree Carrots Look Impressively Real

How to turn a Dollar Tree carrot jump rope into perfect farmhouse spring decor! 

I know it's not the first Monday of the month, but I wanted to share this quick Dollar Tree makeover in case anybody wanted to make them for spring or Easter.   

I have to thank my mom for this quick Dollar Tree project.  I was talking to her on the phone the other day when she mentioned Dollar Tree brought back their carrot jump ropes.  What???  I didn't know about them last year, so I jumped at the chance to head to Dollar Tree to pick up a few.  Did you see what I just did there?  The carrots on the end of the ropes are the perfect size and texture for creating faux carrots that look impressively real.  

How to make Dollar Tree carrots look impressively real, spring decor

I know what you are probably thinking, carrots are not white.  Well, let's just pretend they are parsnips then, mmmkay?  I tend to lean towards more neutral decor in my home, so I opted to paint them white. If you prefer the look of traditional orange carrots then you can follow my updated post on how to paint the jump rope carrots orange

supplies needed to make Dollar Tree Carrots
Dollar Tree carrot jump ropes
First things first, cut the jump rope where it meets the carrots, pop off the green piece (I used scissors to do this) then pull out the cut end of the rope from inside the carrot.
Cutting jump rope off Dollar Store carrot jump rope
Give each carrot two coats of chalk paint and let dry.
Painting Dollar Tree carrots to look real
Using a small paintbrush, apply antique wax in the groves of the carrots.  Do not go overboard.  You just want to enhance the groves to give them a more dimensional appearance.
Adding antique wax to painted Dollar Tree carrots

Adding antique wax to painted Dollar Tree plastic carrots
While the wax is still wet apply another coat of white chalk paint over the entire carrot.          
                           Adding chalk paint to Dollar Tree carrots
After they are dry stick a few grass stems in the top and you're done!  This was a super quick and easy project that cost just over $2.00 to make.
How to make plastic look real

How to make plastic carrots look impressively real

How to make plastic carrots look real

How to make Dollar Tree carrots look impressively real

How to make Dollar Tree carrots look real

What do you think?  It's hard to believe these real looking carrots started out as a cheap, inexpensive Dollar Tree jump rope.  Now run, don't walk to your nearest Dollar Tree and snag a few jump ropes before they are gone!

***UPDATE***  If you like the look of orange carrots then check out my latest Dollar Tree carrot jump rope makeover!

Dollar Tree updated plastic carrots

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The perfect, inexpensive decor! How to make inexpensive Dollar Tree carrots look impressively real.
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  1. dang it, i was just there today, but i didn't have your vision xx

  2. This is freaking amazing! Never in a million years would I have given those jump ropes a second look! They look awesome!

  3. Carrots can be white, yellow, orange, red, purple or even black. Check out gardening catalogs/websites or Wikipedia.

  4. I love, and love, and love this idea. How fabulous.

  5. Love, love these "carrots"...enuf that I made some of my own, not only for me but for family and friends. And then, on another trip to Dollar Tree, I found "carrot" bubbles on a string. Much smaller. Soooooo, I also made "baby carrots"; just as cute, just as much fun. Thank you so much for this sweet project!

  6. These are so cute. Who would've thought? Oh, you did.😉