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Monday, August 29, 2022

Thrifted Faux Concrete Jack-O'-Lanterns

How to give plastic thrift store jack-o'-lanterns a faux concrete makeover! I know, it's still August, but now is the best time to find prime Halloween decorations at thrift stores.  Many thrift stores hold onto Halloween donations until the middle of August, so going early guarantees you'll get first dibs on the best donated items.  Over the last couple of weeks, I've found vintage Halloween blow molds and cute plastic jack-o'-lanterns that were ideal for updating.  As soon as I saw the jack-o'-lanterns, I knew they would make a fantastic faux concrete Pottery Barn inspired makeover!  SUPPLIES NEEDED TO MAKE POTTERY BARN INSPIRED FAUX CONCRETE JACK-O'-LANTERNS - Inexpensive plastic Jack-o-lanterns (thrift stores, yard sales and Dollar Stores are great sources) - 220 Grit Sanding Block  - Flat White Spray Paint - Fusion Mineral Paint (Cashmere) - Natural Bristle Stencil Brush - Baking Soda - Vintage Wood Cerusing Wax - Dark Antique Wax - Paper Towels I ...
Thursday, August 25, 2022

Raw Wood Look Drop Leaf Table Makeover

Dated drop leaf side tables get sanded, cleaned and sealed for the perfect raw wood look!  Hey, friends!   I'm popping in quick for another easy scrubbed furniture makeover .  I don't blog about all my furniture makeovers , but I do like to share ones that I think may be helpful.   Today, I'm sharing another drop leaf side table makeover that I hope will inspire you to have an open mind, shop secondhand and update your own dated furniture finds.  Drop leaf side tables aren't my style, but due to their dated look, they are often donated, overlooked and affordable at auctions and thrift stores.   SUPPLIES NEEDED TO GET THE PERFECT RAW WOOD LOOK - An old or dated piece of furniture - Screwdriver (for removing old hardware)  - Wood Filler - Dewalt Orbital Sander   - Triangular Head Sander (for sanding corners) - Sanding Mouse (for sanding tight spaces) - All-purpose Cleaner  - Multiple Grit Sanding Pads - Cerusing Wax - Wax Brush or Lint-Free Rag - New Hardware Are ...
Sunday, August 21, 2022

Vintage Modern Home Office "Reveal"

Tour a stylish and sophisticated vintage modern home office!  I had full intentions of finishing my vintage modern office last week, but life had other plans and it's still not complete.   To be honest, I didn't work on it at all.   The closet shelves still need to be built, the vintage schoolhouse light needs to be wired and hung and more plants need to be bought.  I'm so dang excited and love this room so much though, that I'm calling it complete enough to share.   After all, is a room ever really considered finished anyway?  If you're new here, this room used to be my daughter's bedroom before she moved to the basement earlier this year.  The change was an adjustment for me, but having a new room to decorate was super exciting and definitely helped with the transition. After we cleared out most of my daughters old room, I got to work removing the stickers from her door, the records from her wall and put together a vintage modern mood board to transfor...