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Monday, February 5, 2024

Vintage Dining Room Mood Board

ADD CHARACTER AND INTEREST TO YOUR HOME WITH THIS VINTAGE-INSPIRED DINING ROOM MOOD BOARD! I finally removed the dining room Christmas tree and decorations the other week.  It was the last room I needed to put away, and I was dragging my feet.   Once the room was cleared, I was left with a blank slate and the urge to change the decor in the space.  Does anyone else feel their home looks bare and empty after putting away holiday decor?  Do you get the urge to change your home this time of year?  Before I get to the dining room mood board details, I wanted to share a few budget-friendly tips to help you save money when redecorating and making changes to your home.  BUDGET-FRIENDLY REDECORATING TIPS AND IDEAS  1.  KEEP WHAT YOU CAN  What do you love about the room?  You can save money by keeping the current paint color(s), area rug, or large pieces of furniture.  Reusing what you already have will allow you to replace what no longer brings you joy with items that do.  2.  BUY SECONDH...
Monday, January 15, 2024

Furniture Makeover: Green Mid-Century Modern Dresser

A basic laminate Mid-Century Modern dresser gets a beautiful, sleek modern makeover with new green paint and black matte hardware!  A few weeks ago, I bought a couple pieces of furniture from a local auction.  One of the pieces was a very basic laminate top Mid-Century Modern dresser.  The light stain color dated the dresser, and the laminate top lessened the quality, but it had dovetail drawers and was in excellent condition with loads of potential.   When I saw the pictures online, I knew exactly how I wanted to give it a makeover.  Fresh paint and new hardware were what this MCM dresser needed!  SUPPLIES NEEDED - Old dresser ( Best Sources For Buying Secondhand Furniture and Decor ) - Zinsser Bin Shellac Primer - Fusion Mineral Paint (I used Manor Green )  - JB Weld Kwikwood Epoxy - 4" or 6" foam roller, frame, and tra y - 220-grit sandpaper - Orbital sande r - Paintbrush   - Drill - Small drill bit - Screwdriver - Tape measure  - Matte black hardware     HOW TO IDE...
Tuesday, January 9, 2024

The Ultimate Inspiration Guide For Painted Furniture Makeovers

Get inspired with these painted furniture makeovers and painted furniture ideas! Painting is the easiest and cheapest way to transform old furniture to fit your style and decor.   If you keep an open mind you can score awesome deals on  second-hand furniture .  With a fresh coat of paint, you can create a custom piece of furniture without spending hundreds of dollars.   To help you narrow your time looking for painted furniture ideas,  I gathered my favorite painted furniture inspiration in every style and color.  You'll find everything from painted desks and dressers to unique custom pieces.   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1.  Do I need to sand furniture before painting? Some paint brands claim their paint requires little to no prep work before painting, however, it's a good idea to always prep and sand a piece of furniture before sanding.  I recommend scuff sanding with 220-grit sandpaper then thoroughly cleaning before applying paint.  For more in-depth information, read  A B...