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Monday, March 5, 2018

Take Two: How to Make Dollar Tree Carrots Look Incredibly Real

Turn Dollar Tree jump ropes into realistic carrots, perfect for Easter and spring decor!

Hello March, I'm so glad you're here! 

You bring birthdays, sunshine and the official start of spring.  You bring longer days, warmer weather and flower buds.  You brighten my mood and add a little bit of brightness to our home.  You bring  the start of a new month and another edition of Dollar Store DIY.  

With the official start of spring less than 3 weeks away, I thought it was the perfect time to share another version of my Dollar Tree jump rope carrots.   A few weeks ago, I let my Facebook followers know they were back in stock and I couldn't resist grabbing a few more for myself.   Last year, I painted them white to fit in with my everyday decor, but this year, I kept them orange for a little more realistic look.  

Dollar tree carrots turned beautiful spring decor
Not only did I get my carrots jump ropes from Dollar Tree, but I also grabbed a few of their artificial onion grass stems, making the supplies for this project super affordable and super easy to find. 

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Just look at these adorable little carrots.  They're the perfect size and shape to turn into beautiful spring and Easter decor. 

Dollar Tree carrot jump rope

Supplies to turn Dollar Tree Carrot Jump ropes into farmhouse decor
Cut off the jump rope, lightly sand the carrots then apply 2-3 coats of your favorite orange craft paint.  I know, the carrots are already orange, but adding paint makes them appear a little more realistic over keeping them in their original form.

***TIP*** Chalk paint works much better, so if you have orange chalk paint I would strongly advise using that over craft paint. 
Cut rope and paint carrots orange
Once the paint is dry, apply a light coat of antique wax over the entire carrot, especially in the creases.
Add antique wax to painted carrots
Slide off sections of onion grass, cut them to length then hot glue them to the inside of the carrots.  I used the top section of the grass since it had various heights and thicknesses, making it appear more realistic.

Add Dollar Tree Onion Grass to top of carrots
Place your carrots in a galvanized bucket or lay them on a table with other decor.  Either way, they make a great (and affordable!) addition to your spring decor.
How to turn Dollar Tree Carrot jump ropes into farmhouse decor

Painted Dollar Tree carrots

Real looking Dollar Tree painted carrots

Turn a Dollar Tree jump rope into beautiful spring decor

Have you made these little jump rope carrots before?  If not, head to Dollar Tree and grab a few jump ropes before they are gone.  For just a few dollars, you can turn them into an adorable addition to your spring and Easter decor. 

Plastic jump ropes turn perfect spring decor

Dollar Tree jump ropes turned spring decor

How to Decorate for Spring with Dollar Tree items


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