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Monday, March 26, 2018

Our New Sleek and Modern Ceiling Fan

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What are your thoughts on ceiling fans?  For years, I shot down and vetoed my husband's request to add one to our living room.   Maybe it was all the design shows bashing ceiling fans for being tacky and dated that turned me off.  Maybe it was our old and dated 1970's kitchen fan with orange and brown floral globe that gave all ceiling fans a bad rap.  Whatever the reason, I was adamant about not having a fan in our living room.

Fast forward 12 years and guess what?   I realized I was being ridiculous for not wanting a ceiling fan in our living room and happily had the perfect sleek and modern fan installed last week.   After all, they have come a long way since the 70's and it does get pretty darn hot and humid here in Maryland.

Living room with sleek black ceiling fan
Do you remember the round-up of sleek and modern ceiling fans that I shared back in September?  Anyone of them would have made a great addition to our living room, but as soon as I saw the Fanimation Zonix 3-blade fan I knew it would be perfect.  I had a lot of conditions when it came to choosing a fan (no light, black, clean lines, 3 or 4 straight blades, sleek, no frills) and this one hit every category.

Since we didn't have ceiling lights in our living room we called our electrician friend (Bud Coppersmith is amazing for any locals looking for a great electrician) and had him install the new fan and add four recessed lights.  

Installing a living room ceiling fan
Here is our living room before the fan and lights were installed...
Living room before ceiling fan was installed
And here is our living room with the new gorgeous ceiling fan
Sleek black ceiling fan
It's amazing how much of a difference the addition of a ceiling fan and recessed lights can change the look and feel of a space.   Most homes built in the 70's (ours included) don't have ceiling lights, so adding a fan and lights instantly gave our living room the update it needed.

Living room with black ceiling fan

Close up of sleek modern ceiling fan

Living room with new black modern ceiling fan

I'm so glad I threw my "no fan in the living room rule" out the window and had this gorgeous one installed.  I wish I could say, I finally chose comfort over style, but this fan sure isn't lacking in the style department.  What do you think?  Are you for or against ceiling fans? 

Sleek and modern ceiling fan


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  1. I"m definitely in the 'for' category. I know there are some bloggers out there that would emphatically disagree, but there are just as many that think they are wonderful! ;-)

  2. I am pro-ceiling fans! I use mine year round to either bring heat down from my vaulted ceiling or suck it up in the summer. I couldn't live without it. Love the look of yours!