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Monday, June 3, 2019

Dollar Store DIY: How to Make Hobnail Milk Glass

Create the look of authentic hobnail milk glass with simple Dollar Tree supplies!  

Happy Monday!  Sorry for the unexpected radio silence last week.  After working on painting the kitchen, dealing with renovation issues (we're on week seven if anyone else is counting) and traveling almost daily for shop inventory I was exhausted.  I just needed a short mental break, but I'm back today with my monthly Dollar Store DIY

I've always been a fan of white Fenton Hobnail milk glass.  It's been around since the 1950's, but its raised knobs and classic appearance have definitely been gaining in popularity.  Flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores and auctions are great places to find deals on Hobnail milk glass, but if you like the look, consider making your own faux milk glass.   

A couple Dollar Tree supplies and common household materials are all you need to make affordable DIY Hobnail milk glass for cheap!
DIY Dollar Tree White Hobnail Milk glass vase

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- Glass vase (Dollar Tree)
- Pearl stickers (Dollar Tree)


Dollar Tree has a large variety of clear glass vases that can be used to make DIY hobnail milk glass.  I preferred the small round vase, but any size or shape of vase will work.          

          Supplies to make faux Dollar Tree hobnail milk glass
STEP ONE: Clean glass with hot soapy water to remove any adhesive stickers.

STEP TWO: The pearl adhesive stickers are connected in rows of twelve.  You'll need to pull apart the individual pearls and remove the clear adhesive that connects them.

STEP THREE: Place a small amount of Dap Rapidfuse glue onto the glass vase where you want to place the pearl stickers.   Continue around your vase until the entire glass vase is covered in pearls.  One sheet of pearl stickers is enough to cover 2-3 vases, depending on how far you space them apart.
Adding pearl stickers to clear glass vase

Clear glass vase covered in pearl stickers
STEP FOUR: Spray the entire glass vase (inside and out) with multiple LIGHT coats of Rust-oleum Gloss white spray paint.    It will take multiple coats to cover the pink pearl stickers, so be patient and allow each coat to fully dry before applying more paint.
How to spray paint a vase white

Spray painting DIY hobnail milk glass vase

Spray painted DIY hobnail Milk Glass vase
STEP FIVE: Add your favorite greenery, plant or flowers and enjoy your DIY Hobnail milk glass vase.

(You can find my favorite sources for affordable faux plants, sprigs and greenery HERE)
Faux Hobnail Milk Glass vase

how to make DIY hobnail Milk Glass

How to make a faux Hobnail milk glass vase

DIY Hobnail milk glass

Making your own faux hobnail milk glass is super easy and only requires 4 inexpensive supplies.  I already had the spray paint and glue, so this entire DIY craft project cost me a whopping $2.12. 

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DIY Dollar Tree faux Hobnail Milk Glass vase

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