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Monday, June 24, 2019

How to Achieve an Aged Look With Paint

 An easy way to achieve an authentic aged look with paint! 

A couple weeks ago, I picked up eighteen metal industrial file drawers from an online auction.  They were a great price and I loved that they were full of rusty patina and character.   I wasn't planning on restoring or updating them, but after being inspired by green file drawers I knew I had to paint a few green.  I didn't want just any green though, I wanted a green that had depth, looked aged and fit the industrial style of the drawers.  Lucky for me, it's super easy to get an aged look with paint and antique wax. 

Industrial metal storage drawers

I did love the original rusty character of the industrial drawers, but the idea of cleaning them up and adding a pop of color had me too excited to leave well enough alone.  


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- 2 slightly different shades of paint in the color of your choice (I used Artminds outdoor paint in Fern and Decor paint in Moss Green)
- Paint Brush
- Wire brush (not necessary unless you are painting over rusty metal)
- Paper Towels


The metal industrial drawers were quite dirty and rusty, so I had to clean and prep them before painting.  I used a wire brush to remove some of the rougher rustier areas on the drawer fronts then smoothed them out with fine grit sandpaper.  I then cleaned them the best I could with Simple Green
Industrial metal storage drawers before
I've used Artminds outdoor paint in the past and knew it would adhere better to metal, so I started with the brighter green first then layered on Moss Green. 
Supplies for creating an aged look with paint
The first coat of paint was bright and a bit scary, but I knew I could achieve the perfect aged look by adding more layers and colors.
First coat of paint on metal hardware drawers
I painted two coats of Moss Green color over the bright green before rubbing on the antique wax, making sure to apply the wax randomly and heavier in spots.
Second coat of paint on industrial hardware drawers
The wax really helped age the drawers, but lightly sanding the edges, corners and random spots enhanced the authenticity and were the finishing touch for the perfect aged look.
            How to get the aged look with paint
I love how the embossed maker's mark stands out and is enhanced after adding dark wax and sanding.
               Painted industrial storage drawers

How to get the aged look with paint

Green painted vintage industrial hardware drawers

Aged painted industrial hardware drawers

I loved the original dark rusty color, but the addition of the green paint gave the industrial drawers a fun pop of color. 

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Green painted industrial storage drawers

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  1. Oh these are perfect. Cleaned up but still looking old. I love this. You are amazing.