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Monday, July 2, 2018

Easy Dollar Tree Herb Markers and Free Printable

DIY herb markers using Dollar Tree plant labels and a free herb printable make for the perfect organized herb garden.

Happy Monday!  Guess what's back, guess what's back???  Dollar Store DIY!!!

It wasn't intentional, but somehow I got tied up working on other projects (mainly my ETSY shop) and my first Monday of the month Dollar Store DIY series took an abrupt halt.   Well, now I'm back on track and have a super easy summer project to share.

Every year, we plant a garden full of vegetables and a few herbs to keep close to the kitchen.  The plant markers at Dollar Tree were the perfect accessory to keep my herbs cute and organized.  At $1 for 10 markers and printable labels that were free, these DIY herb markers were also super cheap and easy to make. 

Dollar Tree Herb markers with free printable

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- Dollar Tree plant markers
- Herb Printable (link below)
- White cardstock
- Fine grit sandpaper
- Craft paint brush
- Scissors
- Pencil 

I spotted these little plastic garden markers back in January and have been holding onto them ever since.  I knew I wanted to use them for marking my herbs, but just now got around to creating cute printable labels.

Dollar Tree plant label

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I printed the labels on cardstock simply because I think it looks crisper and holds up better when using Mod Podge.  You can always use regular printer paper, but the ink will smear and the final product won't look as nice. 
Supplies for DIY Dollar Tree herb labels

I found it easiest to cut each herb tag in large random squares.   I then laid a marker over each label (the markers are thin enough that you can see through them) and traced around it with a pencil.  
Tracing herb labels to Dollar Tree plant markers
After tracing and cutting out each label, I lightly sanded the plastic garden markers then glued each herb label to a marker.   Make sure you do don't skip sanding the garden markers.    They are a slick, shiny plastic and the glue and paper will not adhere to them properly unless the surface is roughed up a little.  

Gluing herb printable labels to Dollar Tree garden markers

I also applied a layer of Mod Podge to the top of each label to protect the paper.  If you are using your tags outside, I recommend using dishwasher safe Mod Podge to ensure they hold up better to rain and watering.

DIY Dollar Tree Basil herb marker
Unfortunately, the three stores I went to were out of cilantro, so for now, I just planted basil (which I love to use on homemade margarita pizza) and rosemary.   I use cilantro a lot in my cooking and hope to add it to my herbs shortly.

Dollar Tree Rosemary herb marker

Dollar Tree herb garden markers
And because I aim to share helpful information and not just pretty pictures and projects, I also gathered a few simple tips on how to successfully grow herbs.


1.  It's a good idea to add pumice stone or small pebbles to the bottom of your pot if you are using a container without a drainage hole.  Herbs won't grow in dry or overly wet soils and this allows for proper soil drainage.

2.  Most herbs can grow inside or out, depending on the current climate, although too much sun for cold weather herbs (cilantro, parsley, rosemary, mint, thyme) can limit their growth and lifespan.

3. Soil dries out much quicker in containers than in garden beds.  Indoor pots may need watering every 2-3 days, while outdoor pots will require daily or twice daily watering, especially during extreme heat.

4. Nutrients in fertilizers can produce little flavor, so avoid overfertilizing your herbs.

5.  Pinching and removing 2-3 inches off each stem tip will allow for new growth from doormat leaf buds.   Plants that are not pinched back will produce flower buds and leaves will get bitter.

DIY Dollar Tree garden herb markers and free printable

So, there you have it!  Simple, affordable and functional Dollar Tree herb markers that are a perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor herb gardens.

DIY Dollar tree herb markers and free printable

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