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Monday, February 6, 2017

How to make a captain mirror from a $1 burner cover

It's time for another Dollar Store DIY!  The first monday of every month I'll share a Dollar store item that I've altered and turned into stylish decor.  Last month, I transformed flimsy Dollar Tree mini drawers into the perfect industrial farmhouse storage.  This month, my item of choice was a 10 inch metal burner cover!  I LOVE captain's mirrors and knew the minute I saw the burner covers that I could turn one into the perfect DIY mirror. 
Dollar Tree burner cover turned Captain's mirror

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DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way sponsored by Dollar Tree.  Also, keep in mind that I am able to keep costs down on these thrifty makeovers by having a large stash of craft supplies and buying items on sale and with store coupons.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the makeover!

Dollar Tree burner cover before
After buying the 2 pack of burner covers I went in search of the perfect size mirror.  I checked a few local craft stores and finally found a 10 in beveled mirror at Hobby Lobby.  After I had all my supplies I lightly sanded the burner cover then sprayed it with a few light coats of my favorite ORB spray paint
Spraying burner cover with spray paint
While I had my spray paint out I also sprayed 2 D-ring hooks and machine screws. 
Hardware for burner cover turned captain's mirror

Spray painting hardware for captain's mirror

While the the spray paint was drying I took a piece of scrap wood and cut it into 8 smaller pieces. 
Cutting wood from DIY captain's mirror
In order to get the mirror to sit properly on the burner cover I glued two pieces of wood together, making 4 pieces.
Gluing wood to burner cover
I then glued the wood to the burner cover and let it fully dry.  (I used Dap Rapid fuse wood glue to glue the wood together and Dap Rapid fuse all purpose glue to glue the wood to the burner cover.)
Gluing wood to burner cover
Before I could attach the mirror I needed to add the hardware for hanging.  I used a medium size drill bit to drill two holes in both sides of the burner cover then slipped in the machine screws, securing with nuts.
Drilling holes in burner cover for hardware

Adding hardware to burner cover turned captain's mirror
Once the hardware was secure I added more all purpose adhesive to the top of the wood then laid the mirror on top.
Adding mirror to burner cover
Once the glue was fully dry it was time to add the rope.  I used Jute that I had at home, but you can use thicker rope or even grab some jute twine from the Dollar Tree while you're there picking up the burner cover.  Yes, they sell that at Dollar Tree too!
Jute for burner cover turned captain's mirror
In order to make the twine I had on hand larger I cute about 8 strips then crossed them together, making one thicker piece of rope.
Adding rope to DIY captain's mirror

Twisting rope from captain's mirror
After knotting off the ends and trimming the stray threads the mirror was ready to hang!
DIY burner cover turned captain's mirror

The mirror isn't large, but would be perfect for a small space or for creating a mirror gallery wall
DIY burner cover turned captain's mirror

DIY burner cover turned Captain's mirror
What do you think?  It doesn't look anything like a burner cover anymore does it?

How to make a captain's mirror from a burner cover

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  1. Such a great project! Love it! Can you tell me where you got your greenery sprigs? They looks like eucalyptus..?

  2. Katie,
    I'm going to try this project tonight - how did you cross the jute twine together to keep it twisted? :)
    Joyful Derivatives Blog

  3. Would it work to use styrofoam or foam board (cut and glued) in place of the wood to reduce weight or for those of us who don't have electric saws?

    1. I'm sure foam board would work just as well. Just make sure the glue adheres well enough to the foam board :)

  4. This is perfect. I've always wanted two of tge type mirrors, but could not afford them. Thanks to you, I just might be able to pull it off. Your mirror is beautiful. You nailed this project.

  5. could you glue the mirror directly on the burner cover rather than use the wood? Drill 2 hole and feed the jute through and knot?

    1. That was my original idea, but I couldn't find a mirror that was the exact size. The mirror I used was just a tad larger than the burner cover and wouldn't sit directly on the bottom. Using the wood was the only way I could make it work and have the mirror supported.