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Monday, February 13, 2017

New Mudroom Rug: How to Pick the Perfect Rug

Happy Monday!

I'll be the first to admit that my decorating plans don't always go as planned.  Trial and error sometimes works best and that's exactly how our new rug ended up being perfect for our mudroom rather than our dining room.  I hoped to use this gorgeous rug in our dining room, but sadly it wasn't right for the space.  Not willing to give up on the bold pattern I rolled up the rug and dragged it to the mudroom. The moment I laid it out I knew it was perfect for the space!  The contrast and pattern is exactly what the space needed and it tied in perfectly with our light walls and dark doors.  It just goes to show that plan B can actually be better when plan A doesn't work out. Bold and patterned rug in the mudroom.
Choosing a rug takes time and there's a lot to think about.  To help make the decision making process a bit easier I'm breaking down a few "rules" and tips for picking the perfect rug. 
  • FIND THE RIGHT SIZE- A rug too large will look more like wall to wall carpeting and may actually make your room look and feel smaller.  A rug too small may seem out of place and won't balance your space. 
    • LIVING ROOM- the front third of furniture (sofa, chairs, etc.) should sit on top your rug. You do not want your rug floating in the middle of the room. 
    • DINING ROOM- make sure chairs still sit on your rug when pulled out from under a table. 
    • BEDROOM- When you climb out of bed your feet should land on a rug.  Extending a rug at least 2 feet from both sides of your bed is a good rule of thumb to follow.  
  • FIND THE PERFECT COLOR AND PATTERN- Do you want your rug to make a statement or blend into the background?  A solid rug allows you to bring in fun patterns with throw pillows, artwork and curtains.  Large patterns allows you to mix in smaller patterns and solids. Lighter colored rugs tend to work with a variety of styles, but may not mask spills and stains as well as darker, patterned rugs.  If your furniture is heavy and patterned think about a rug that is lighter and has a small pattern.  For dining rooms a bold, larger patterned rug is a great option to add interest to a heavy wood dining table.  
Tips for picking the perfect rug
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT MATERIAL- For high traffic areas such as a mudroom, kitchen or hallway I like to choose cotton rugs that have no backing.  Not only are they affordable, but they are reversible and easy to clean.  Hand woven flat weave wool rugs are also a favorite of mine and great for high traffic areas, but may not clean as well as cotton rugs.  For living spaces I like to choose wool-cut pile or shag rugs that are comfortable and feel great under your feet.  They may not be as pet friendly and easy to clean, so I save them for areas that don't get as much traffic.
How to pick the perfect rug

New mudroom rug: how to pick the perfect rug

The new rug is definetely the focal piece in the space and the flat weave makes it particularly durable for this high traffic room.  Our mudroom now has the perfect combination of contrast and color, which makes this space officially D.O.N.E!

A huge thank you to Plush Rugs for generously providing a rug to finish off our mudroom!  As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that allow me to decorate and make our home beautiful. 

Tips for picking the perfect rug



  1. this sounds like your sub concious took over because it knew that rug would look awesome in the mudroom xx

  2. Such a great bright space & I loveeee the green & black paired together especially for spring!

    Happy Tuesday!


  3. I am in love with your mudroom and that rug! I think allowing yourself the freedom to be flexible when decorating is the key to creating beautiful spaces and clearly you do it well! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the rug with the green in the chest!

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