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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to Age Inexpensive Dollar Tree Storage Jars

Dollar Tree storage jars get the perfect aged industrial look with the help of paint!

Do you follow me on Facebook?  A few weeks ago I shared a mini Dollar Tree haul and they included these cute little glass jars.  I have a thing for storage jars and containers, so of course, as soon as I spotted them I knew I had to bring a few home. They were nice as is, but with the help of paint, I easily turned them into the perfect aged industrial storage.
DIY Dollar Tree industrial storage jars

Supplies needed age inexpensive Dollar Tree storage jars
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- Glass storage containers (Dollar Tree)
- Gold spray paint (this is my favorite kind) 
- Paint brush

In my Dollar Tree video I mentioned how I was going to update these jars and a sweet reader (Krista's Handmades) shared with me her version.  She used sophisticated finishes, but I was determined to get a similar look for less money using paint. 

Let's get started.

Dollar Tree storage jars before
 After spray painting my lids gold I applied a layer of Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff.  I like to use spray paint first since it has much better adhesion properties over other types of paint.

Supplies for aging lids to Dollar Tree storage jars

adding rub 'n buff to dollar tree lids

Before the Rub 'n Buff was completely dry I painted a messy layer of brushed pewter craft paint over the Rub 'n Buff.
Adding metallic paint to age Dollar tree storage jars
Again, while the paint was still wet, I then added a layer of brown craft paint.  I kept repeating the layers (Rub 'n Buff, brushed pewter and brown) until I was happy with the aged look of the lids.
Using paint to age metal Dollar Tree lids
While the lids were drying I added multiple layers of chalk paint to the "labels" on the front of the jars.
Adding chalk paint to dollar tree storage jars
The result was the perfect industrial aged glass storage jars! 
How to age inexpensive Dollar Tree storage jars

How to age metal with paint
They are perfect for corralling and organizing small craft or office supplies or I use them in my bathroom for Q-tips and cotton balls.
Aging Dollar Store jars with paint

Dollar tree industrial storage jars

I'm really happy with how the paint gave the appearance of rusty old lids and now I want to go paint and "rust" all the things!!!

How to age inexpensive Dollar Tree storage jars

Amazing Dollar Tree farmhouse makeovers!



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