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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Quick and Easy Dollar Tree Valentine Jars

Give Dollar Tree glass jars a mercury glass makeover then fill them with your favorite candy for an adorable Valentine gift. 

I'm not one to decorate or make cute DIY crafts or gifts for Valentine's Day, but I couldn't resist creating a quick project after spotting little red jars on my last Dollar Tree shopping trip.  I knew right away they would be perfect for Valentine's Day, so I pulled out my leftover Looking Glass spray and whipped up a quick and easy Valentine's craft. 
DIY Dollar Tree Mercury glass candy jars

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Our local Dollar Tree sells these little glass jars all year long and they come in a variety of colors.  The red is perfect for Valentine's Day (or Christmas), but you could do this mercury glass effect on other colors to create gifts and decor for just about any season and holiday.
Dollar Tree glass jars before
Creating the look of mercury glass is super easy and only requires a few simple ingredients.   The Looking Glass isn't necessarily cheap, but since I had some leftover from a previous project I was able to complete this project for almost nothing.
Supplies to make DIY Mercury glass
1. Remove the wire from the glass jar. (It clips on, so it is very easy to remove)

2. Fill a small spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and water.

3. Spray your jar with a generous amount of the water/vinegar mixture.

4. Spray Looking Glass directly over the water/vinegar mixture.

5. Blot off access water droplets and let dry.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you are happy with the coverage.

Spraying glass jar with looking glass
Once the Looking Glass was dry, I reattached the wire handle then raided my craft stash for some embellishments.   I ended up using wood hearts that I had bought from Target's Dollar Spot around Christmas, craft tags (also from the Dollar Spot) and black glitter adhesive letters.
DIY Mercury glass and Valentine embellishments
I added the adhesive letters to a craft tag, tied the tag to the jar with jute then used hot glue to attach the wood hearts.
DIY Mercury glass Valentine candy holder

how to make diy mercury glass

DIY Dollar Tree Mercury Glass candy jars
Pop in a candle or your favorite candy and you have a quick and easy Valentine gift to give to a teacher or friend.
Dollar Tree Mercury glass Valentine candy jars
Do you celebrate or decorate for Valentine's Day?  We aren't big celebrators here (unless you call ordering Chinese celebrating), but I do like to get something small for our kids.  These little Dollar Tree jars would be perfect filled with their favorite candy along with a couple small toys or cute stuffed animal.

DIY Dollar Tree Mercury glass candy jar

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  1. These are adorable. I like to give little gifts for each special holiday, but always struggle with being clever for St. Patrick's Day. Problem solved for this year: I'm going to pick up green jars from the Dollar Store, do the mercury glass magic you've shared, embellish each with some shamrock tags, place a small houseplant from Orchard Supply Hardware in the jar, and voila, I have my SPD gifts. THANK YOU for the idea and inspiration. Your blog is the BEST!

    1. Thank you Melinda! I love your idea for St. Patrick's Day with the green jars and houseplant. I think your friends/family will love them :)