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Sunday, February 25, 2018

How to Make Vintage Inspired Foam Board Signs

The easiest way to make affordable vintage inspired farmhouse signs without fancy cutting machines. 

Happy Monday!  I hope you had an amazing weekend.  I finished a few loooong overdue DIY projects and it feels so good to finally have them complete.  My dad also came over and drywalled the doorway between the kitchen and mudroom addition, making it a super successful weekend.    

Since I'm sure you guys don't want to be bothered with how to frame a doorway with drywall and corner bead,  I'll share a super easy DIY farmhouse sign instead.  No special cutting machines required.  Just a few inexpensive products and a little of your time.
An easy way to make affordable farmhouse signs

I've made many farmhouse inspired signs in the past, but this time, I decided to combine two of my favorite sign making methods to create another simple vintage inspired foam board sign.

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Decide what you want your sign to say then use an X-acto knife and straight edge to cut your foam board to size.
Supplies to make affordable vintage inspired farmhouse signs
Line up the letters then attach them to the foam board using Mod Podge.
Adding letters to vintage inspired farmhouse signs
While the letters are drying measure and cut your trim pieces to size.

Stain the trim pieces with your choice of stain.
Cut wood dowels for vintage inspired farmhouse signs
While the stain is drying, use a wax brush (or lint free cloth) to apply wax all over your sign, adding extra along the edge and corners.  While the wax is still wet, dab your brush into the aging dust and apply along the edge, corners and lightly over the rest of the sign.
Aging foam board signs with wax and aging dust
Sand the stained wood dowels then glue them to the foam board using Dap Rapid Fuse.  I found it easiest to glue the top piece first then use bar clamps to attach the side pieces.
adding wood frame to vintage inspired farmhouse signs.

Glue wood frame to foam board
To avoid adding nail holes in your wall, hang your sign using velcro command strips.

I hung my new sign in our entryway/living room where I had previously hung a different version of this easy vintage inspired sign.

Easy vintage inspired farmhouse signs

Easy vintage inspired farmhouse signs

An easy way to make affordable farmhouse signs

Affordable way to make vintage inspired farmhouse signs.

The beauty of these vintage inspired signs is that you can customize them to fit your decor and style.  Swap them out for the changing seasons or create a favorite and leave it up all year long.  The possibilities are endless! 

If you are interested in any of the items in this space you can find sources here: Affiliate links have been used.

- Wall Color: Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige
- Door Color: Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore
- Rug: Overstock
- Black and white rug: Target (no longer available)
- Black chest: local vintage market
- Entry table: HomeGoods (you can see how I updated it HERE)
- Curtains: HomeGoods
- Mirror: HomeGoods
- Curtain Rod: Walmart
- Chair: Macy's
- Mirror: HomeGoods
- Bamboo Shades:
- Wood pedestal candle holder: World Market
- Magnolia Stem: TJMaxx
- Green vintage scale: Local vintage market (find similar scales HERE)
- Books: Goodwill and thrift store
- Wood bead garland: DIY project
- Black and white throw blanket: Ikea (also sound on Amazon)

Easy DIY vintage inspired signs

Easy DIY farmhouse signs using foam board

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  1. Thank you for this post! I am on a tight decorating budget for our home and this is a project that is easy enough I think I can make. Your blog has always been one of my favorites!