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Monday, April 10, 2017

Get the Farmhouse Look with These Dollar Tree Items

Dollar Tree items get updated into beautiful farmhouse decor!

Yes, you read that right!  You CAN get the perfect farmhouse look with inexpensive Dollar Tree items.  With a little crafting and DIY work you can completely transform ordinary Dollar Tree items into gorgeous farmhouse home decor.   

Dollar Tree farmhouse transformations
Sometimes it's hard to see past the bright colors and cheap plastic of many Dollar Tree items, but if you keep an open mind (and squint real hard) you can see the potential.  

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite (and most recent) Dollar Tree makeovers and must buy items.

How many times have you walked right past these metal burner covers???
Dollar Tree burner cover
Now, you might think twice about skipping over them on your next Dollar Tree run.  
Dollar Tree burner cover turned captain mirror

Wire baskets are good for so many things, but have you thought about spray painting them and adding one to a chalkboard?
dollar tree wire baskets

Dollar Tree wire basket turned farmhouse decor

Dollar Tree wire basket turned farmhouse decor

Out of all my Dollar Tree makeovers turning these mini storage drawers into industrial farmhouse storage is by far my favorite!
Dollar Tree storage drawers

Dollar Tree drawers turned farmhouse storage

Jute is great for so many things, but if you're looking for an easy farmhouse craft try making a Wood Bead Tassel Garland. 
Dollar Tree jute

Dollar Tree Jute turned farmhouse decor

I've used Dollar Tree succulents in many projects through the years, but these succulent stems that I picked up a few months ago are my favorite and look the most real. 
Dollar Tree succulents
You may be surprised that all the items to make these succulent pots came straight from the Dollar Tree.  Even the ribbon is from Dollar Tree and would be cute hemmed to the edge of a towel or pillowcase. 
Dollar Tree succulents turned farmhouse decor

There are a lot of bright colored floral picks at Dollar Tree, but if you weed through them you can find a few that are prefect for adding a bit of farmhouse style to your home. 
Dollar Tree flowers

Dollar Tree flowers turned farmhouse decor

Dollar Tree flowers turned farmhouse decor

Alphabet blocks are great for learning, but I had something a bit different in mind when I spotted these little guys at Dollar Tree.
Dollar Tree alphabet blocks

Updated dollar tree alphabet blocks

From pumpkins and eggs to carrot jump ropes, holiday decor from the Dollar Tree is so easy to paint and update into farmhouse decor.
Dollar Tree plastic carrots

Dollar Tree carrots turned farmhouse decor

Dollar tree pumpkins before

Painted Dollar Tree pumpkins

Seasonal decor is a great way to inexpensively update your home for the changing seasons.   Dollar Tree tends to have a lot of plastic or shiny metal pots and planters, but with a little spray paint or aging you can turn them into gorgeous farmhouse decor. 
Dollar Tree planter bucket before

Get the perfect farmhouse look with these DOLLAR TREE items!

With minimal sewing skills you can turn plan white Dollar Tree towels into an affordable bathroom accessory. 

Get the perfect farmhouse look with these DOLLAR TREE items!

Click HERE for more Dollar Store DIY projects! 

If you love farmhouse decor, I hope I've showed you that it's possible decorate your home with inexpensive Dollar Tree items.  Keep an open mind, think outside box, look past the bright colors and you will be amazed at what you can create with a dollar.  

(click on the image below) 

Get the perfect Farmhouse look with these Dollar Tree Items!



  1. You have great ideas to decorate on a small budget!!!

  2. Your Dollar Tree ideas is one of the reasons I began following your blog not too lo g ago. ;) Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration, you are so creative! Please elaborate more on the burner cover that a paint that was used to create that? TIA, Sheena

    1. Thanks Sheena! It's actually an inexpensive mirror that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. You can find the link to the project under the "after" picture. I hope that helps!

  4. Excellent ideas! Thank u for sharing

  5. These are amazing tips. thank you for sharing!

  6. what kind of plants did you use for your flowers and gardens planter? was it succulents from the dollar tree?