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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Room Challenge Week Two: How to Remove and Reuse Trim

Hey, hey!  It's been a busy week around here.  We're on week two of the One Room Challenge and I'm happy to share a little update.  If you're new to the ORC, it's basically a six week decorating challenge hosted by Calling it Home .  Over the course of six weeks bloggers renovate and makeover a room in their home, sharing updates along the way.  Let's hope I actually have this space finished by week six to share our modern vintage black and white bathroom makeover! 
Last week, I shared my mood board and this week I'm sharing a little update to our doors and how I removed the existing trim so I can reinstall it later.
One Room Challenge Vintage Modern Mood board

First, we (ahem, my dad) had to remove the sink and toilet.  God bless him for doing all the dirty work while I watched, learned and posed for pictures.   

After the bathroom was clear it was time to remove the trim so I can paint and lay the new tile.  We installed the trim a few years ago when we built this bathroom, so I removed it as carefully as I could in an effort to reuse it later.  No sense it wasting perfectly good material, right?  

FIRST: Score the caulk line with your utility knife.  Don't forget to score the corners where the boards join together.  This allows the trim to pull away from the wall without damaging the paint and drywall.
scoring trim with utility knife

SECOND: Line your wonder bar on the caulk line then using a hammer drive the wonder bar in between the wall and trim.
Hammering wonder bar into trim
 THIRD: Carefully pry back and fourth on the Wonder bar to remove the trim from the wall.
Prying trim away from the wall

Removing trim from bathroom wall

Supplies for removing trim
I worked my way around the room then used the same method to remove the door trim.  I still have to hammer out the nails, but I'll worry about that when I'm ready to reinstall the trim. 

I planned on having the room painted, but didn't have time due to some much needed wall repairs. SO.....while the compound on the walls was drying I decided I was going to paint the basement doors!  I'll give you one guess what color I painted them.

Basement bathroom doors before

Sherwin-Williams painted basement doors
Extra points for whoever guessed Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore!  This view also gives you a peek at the board and batten wall treatment that I started on the stairs.  I'm also running it along the walls around the bathroom and laundry room door.  And yes, I will probably paint the cat door and finish the basement floor at some point too.

So, this is where we leave off.  The tile and a few accessories should arrive early next week and the artwork and new light fixture have been delivered.   I can no wait to see this space complete! 

One Room Challenge Week Two: How to Remove and Reuse Trim


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  1. we did this in our last house and it's harder than it looks! :) love the plan for this space!

  2. I just did this in our bedroom and it's a major pain in the butt! But totally worth saving!

  3. Great job! You have so much patience! Every time we remove trim we just rip it all off as fast as we can and ruin it! Oopsy!

  4. I could have used this tool and tip earlier today. I knew I should have checked this linkup earlier today.