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Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Make DIY Photo Coasters

How to make personalized photo coasters perfect for gift giving!  Now that Christmas has passed, I wanted to share one last personalized DIY gift.   I love making personalized gifts for Christmas and try to make one every year that my kids can give to their grandparents.  In the past, I've made photo books, calendars, and personalized pendant necklaces .  This year, I decided to DIY simple and affordable DIY coasters. SUPPLIES NEEDED TO MAKE DIY PHOTO COASTERS (Affiliate links have been used) - 4x4 white ceramic tiles (I got mine from Home Depot for $0.16 a piece) - Photos or scrapbook paper - Metal file - Foam brush - Fine grit sandpaper  - Scissors or paper cutter -  Mod Podge -  Cork sheet (I bought thin sheets of cork from Michaels) -  Water-based polycrylic   HOW TO MAKE DIY PHOTO COASTERS Before I get to the tutorial, I want to answer a few frequently asked questions to better help you create the best tile photo coasters.  DO YOU HAVE TO USE R...
Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Make a DIY Trash Truck Costume

A DIY garbage truck costume perfect for Halloween or dress up!  This Halloween, my truck obsessed three-year-old wanted to be a trash truck.  I could have taken the easy road and bought him one, but what fun would that have been?  So, I decided to try and make him a custom trash truck costume out of cardboard.   I have to admit, I was a little nervous about pulling it off, but I knew I couldn't let him down. This post will be a bunch of "after" pictures with little description since my camera was having issues while taking all the "during" pictures.  Without pictures trying to describe the process of how I built the truck will be difficult and I'm sure boring to read.  So, I'll just spare you all the details and get straight to the pictures. But, first... - SUPPLIES NEEDED TO MAKE A TRASH TRUCK COSTUME -  Affiliate links have been used.  Lots of cardboard! Brown gift wrap paper Green, white and black spray paint Wood for the tires 4 scr...