Thursday, November 15, 2018

Walmart Holiday Gifts That Are Sure to Please

Are you looking for stylish gifts without spending a lot of money?  Walmart has some great options that will please everyone on your list!

With the holiday's and gift giving season fast approaching, I thought it would be helpful to pull together some of my favorite holiday gift guides.  Today, I have a gift guide for all you givers who prefer affordable one-stop shopping.  Grab your groceries and toilet paper then knock out your holiday shopping all in one trip!  That's right, I've gathered a few of my favorite affordable gifts that can all be purchased from Walmart.  
Affordable and Stylish Walmart holiday gifts

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Simple Farmhouse Inspired Hutch Makeover

A dated wood hutch gets a farmhouse inspired makeover!

Paint is such a powerful thing!  I'm constantly amazed at how much it can completely transform dated furniture for minimal cost and effort.  I recently came across a 90's style hutch that was a great price and the perfect candidate for a farmhouse makeover.   I'm usually drawn to midcentury modern pieces, but I liked the idea of updating a completely different style piece and having a little versatility in the shop.  

          Black painted farmhouse inspired hutch

Sunday, November 11, 2018

How to Repair and Restore A Vintage Card Catalog

A beautiful nine drawer vintage card catalog gets repaired, stained and painted for a fresh new look.

I've always had a love for vintage card catalogs, but could never find one that was within my tight budget.  Well, apparently I wasn't looking in the right places because I've been lucky enough to come across some amazing ones lately.  I recently restored an 18 drawer card catalog, scored a 60 drawer one from a local auction and just the other day I found a nine drawer card catalog on Facebook Marketplace.

Unfortunately, the recent nine drawer card catalog had a bit too much veneer damage to refinish back to its original state, but I was able to give it a much needed facelift.                

Painted and restored vintage card catalog
Don't mind the missing screws.  I totally forgot to screw them back on before taking photos, whoops. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Favorite Affordable Christmas Decor From Walmart

Get ready for the holidays with beautiful and affordable decor from Walmart! 

Disclaimer:  This post is in no way sponsored by Walmart.  All opinions are my own.  Some affiliate links have been used.

Who's ready to start decorating for the holidays? 

Christmas decor is showing up earlier and earlier in stores, which is definitely motivating me to get started on decorating my own home.  On a recent trip to Walmart, I couldn't help but check out all their new holiday decor and due to popular demand, I'm sharing a few of my favorites.  Walmart has definitely stepped up their game and I'm excited to share some great affordable Christmas decorating decor and ideas. 

Affordable Christmas decor from Walmart

Sunday, November 4, 2018

How to Make Industrial Dollar Tree Storage Jars

Basic Dollar Tree glass jars get aged and transformed into stylish industrial storage! 

It's the first Monday of the month, which means it's time for another Dollar Store DIY!  I really wanted to create a Christmas project, but I resisted and went a little industrial instead. 

When it comes to decorating my home, I tend to gravitate towards vintage decor that's a little old,  rusty and unique.  It's one of the many reasons why I love to shop at vintage markets and local thrift stores.   My office is full of my favorite vintage finds and these DIY rusty industrial Dollar Tree jars fit right in. 

Aged dollar Tree storage jars

Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Scandinavian Styled Christmas Cottage

A small cottage is beautifully styled for a Scandinavian inspired Christmas!

I'm going to apologize now for talking about Christmas just two days after Halloween, but I couldn't not share this beautifully decorated cottage with you all.   Cassie, Jen and I had the privilege of styling the cottage for Sweet Clover's Holiday Kick Off sale and we went with a Scandinavian Christmas theme.   We had so much fun collaborating and designing a space that we all ended up loving. 

Vintage peacock chairs styled for Christmas

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Pair of Multi Drawer Nightstands Get a Fresh New look

A little paint and new drawer hardware completely transform a set of dated nightstands.

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a set of cute little nightstands that I found on Facebook Marketplace.  I asked the normal questions I ask every time I buy furniture online and almost passed them up because the seller said they didn't have dovetail drawers.   I was really bummed but, the price was right and I loved that they had multiple drawers, so I decided to buy them anyway.  When I picked them up I was pleasantly surprised to find out they DID have dovetail drawers!  

As soon as I got home I took the nightstands out of the car and started working on them right away.  I went with my go-to Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore and finished them off with a light distressing, finishing wax and new bronze pulls.  

Iron Ore painted multi drawer nightstands