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Monday, January 9, 2023

The Best Places to Buy Metal Label Holders and Pulls

The best places to buy metal label holders, cup pulls, vintage locker tags, and numbers to make an ordinary piece look extraordinary.  

I've created many multi-drawer cabinets and unique pieces using metal label holders and pulls and often get asked where I purchase the hardware I use.   It may surprise you that many of my project and crafting supplies come from "big box" stores and are affordable and readily available.  If I'm in need of something more unique, I'll shop online or hit up local vintage shops and markets.   

To make it easier for you to create your own unique projects, I've rounded up a list of my favorite sources to buy metal label holders, pulls, and vintage hardware.

where to buy metal labeholders and pulls



Michael's carries two label holders that I love and use often.  The best part?  Both can be bought with their 40% off coupon making them super affordable. 

(The small antique bronze labels are found in the scrapbook section, while the metal pulls are with the unfinished wood products and hardware.)
Wood storage tags using label holders from Michaels

Metal hardware from michaels, vintage hardware

Dollar Tree bins updated with Michael's label holders


Do you prefer to shop online?  More than likely you'll find the perfect label holder for your next project on Overstock
metal labelholder and pulls from Overstock


Hobby Lobby carries one of my favorite metal label holders and at $4.99 for 3 you can't go wrong.  They are also a fantastic source for additional hardware, which can often be bought at 40% off. 

Goodwill able updated with metal label holders from Hobby Lobby

Ikea Moppe turned vintage card catalog


Are you looking for authentic vintage and antique hardware?  ETSY, especially A Vintage Parcel is my favorite source for vintage metal label holders, drawer pulls, latches, locker tags, knobs, and everything in between.   

5. ebAY

eBay can be hit or miss, but it can also be a great source for unique old hardware at very reasonable prices.  Try searching "vintage label holders" or "vintage cup pulls" to find one-of-a-kind vintage hardware.
antique and vintage hardware from Ebay

6. D. Lawless Hardware

D.Lawless Hardware has a great selection of metal label holders and pulls at very affordable prices.  You can't beat the price ($0.60 and less!) and quality. 
Metal label holder from D. Lawless Hardware
Cup Pull Label Holder / Antique Brass Metal Label Holder / Small Black Label Holder / Finger Pull Label Holder 

Goodwill bread box updated with metal label holders
DIY cork board organizer using metal label holdeers


DHGate is another great affordable online source for label holders and metal pulls that are perfect for small DIY and craft projects. 
Metal label holders and pulls from Dhgate


Amazon has a wide variety of unique items and if you have Amazon prime you can snag them with free shipping!  Amazon is my go-to hardware source for everything from furniture to smaller DIY projects. 

metal label holders and pulls from Amazon

I've used the Antique iron label pulls (usually purchased from Michael's with a 40% off coupon), black bin pulls, antique bronze drawer pulls, black modern cabinet pulls, black vintage bin pulls and the bronze drawer pulls.

Adding Amazon metal label holders to cabinet doors

IKEA hack using metal label holder pulls from Amazon

Michael's storage box updated with metal label holders

amazon metal label holders, amazon

antique bronze pulls from amazon

Black bin pulls from amazon

Black bin pulls from amazon


A little on the pricey side, but if you are looking for larger, good-quality label holders and pulls, House of Antique Hardware and Signature Hardware have some great options, especially for cabinets and higher-end furniture makeovers. 

hardware from house of antique hardware


metal label holders from Signature hardware


You won't always find hardware in every antique mall or vintage market, but some may have dealers and vendors who specialize in vintage and antique hardware.  I recently found a local dealer who primarily sells old hardware that's been rescued from old cabinets and furniture.  It's been a great source when I'm in need of just one vintage drawer pull or knob. 


Are you a DIY'er?  I can't stress enough how important it is to keep original hardware from all furniture and DIY projects.  You never know when it may come in handy for a future project.  Many times I've been able to use old hardware in a new way, with my favorite project being my DIY fluted file cabinet.

old hardware

DIY fluted file cabinet with antique hardware

I hope you found these hardware sources helpful when you're on the hunt for metal label holders, tags, pulls, numbers, and other cool craft odds & ends.  The projects you can create with these supplies are endless!


antique label hodlers and pulls from Amazon

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