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Monday, January 23, 2023

Functional Vintage Home Office Changes and an Announcement


Back in August, I shared my new vintage modern home office

Earlier in the year, we moved my daughter's bedroom downstairs, which allowed me to turn her old bedroom into my new home office

I still end up working primarily from my $70 Facebook Marketplace leather RH chair, but having a designated office and additional space to display more of my favorite thrift, vintage, and antique finds has been really nice.

vintage modern home office

I had no plans of changing the current furniture and decor in my home office, but in December I decided to make a business change that required a few office tweaks. 

After five years of sanding, repairing, painting, staining, hauling, and staging, I decided to take a step back from having a vintage booth.  It wasn't an easy decision and there are many aspects of having a booth that I'll miss.  I met so many wonderful people, made great friends, and accomplished things I never thought I was capable of.   Ultimately, I felt it was time to take a step back and shift my focus to selling online.

You can find my online vintage shop by clicking on the "Shop The Store" tab on my blog. The first vintage drop will be on January 27th (THIS FRIDAY!) at 12:00pm EST. 

*Inventory won't be visible until the 27th, but you can follow me on Instagram for tons of sneak peeks! 

vintage vingettes and displays

The change in my vintage business also meant changes to my office!  The previous setup was more for working and lounging than for a functional, efficient, and productive online vintage business.  

vintage decorated home office
Over the past week, I moved my Eames-style chair back to the basement and then brought in a work table to make it easier to wrap, pack, label, and ship products efficiently.  I also needed to make sure inventory was safe, visible, and easily accessible, so I used some of my favorite items to decorate my office.  

I still need to build shelves in the closet, where I'll eventually keep most of my inventory.  For now, I have vintage inventory stored in and on the vintage wood card catalog, in a basket next to the card catalog, throughout my office, and in the garage. 

It's like having my very own vintage booth in my home! 
Vintage decorated home office, vintage decor

vintage wicker wrapped demijohns, vintage yard longs

vintage decor, vintage styling, vintage vingette

vintage porcelain hand molds, vintage apothecary jars

vintage porcelain hand molds, antique apothecary jars

The other side of my office is where most of the changes happened. 

I love using vintage finds for both decorating and organizing, so it was a must that I find and use vintage and antique items to get my office organized and set up for packing and shipping.  

Previously, all my packing materials were stored in a large vintage canvas laundry tote in the basement.  I needed to move the supplies upstairs, but the laundry tote was a little too big for my office and I really loved how it looked under my 18 drawer oak card catalog.  That meant I had to find another vintage storage solution for my upstairs office. 

vintage canvas laundry tote

It was meant to be that later in the week I found and won a smaller vintage canvas laundry tote.  I bought it sight unseen and had no idea how big it was, but for $22.50 it was well worth the risk.

I was pleasantly surprised by its size when I went to pick it up and crossed my fingers it would fit under my work table. 

Spoiler fit! 
vintage decorated office, vintage home office

Not only did it fit perfectly under the work table, but it was exactly what I was looking for. 

I loaded the tote with bubble wrap and heavy-weight packing material and then brought in an old metal crate to keep shipping boxes organized. 
vintage decorated home office
On top of the table, I used an old metal advertising display to keep business cards, tape measure, string, scissors, tape, pens, and other packing and shipping necessities organized and easily accessible.  

(You know I don't do red, so I spray painted the packing tape dispenser black)
organized shipping station, vintage home office

organized shipping and packing supplies

vintage dress form, vintage cameras

I absolutely love how my updated and organized vintage home office came together!  It has everything I need to be successful and is the perfect combination of stylish and functional!

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vintage decorated home office, organized home office

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  1. Your office looks so nice! Would you recall where you purchased your bamboo blinds from?

    1. Hi! The blinds are cordless blinds from and I believe the color is Hatteras Camel.

  2. Good for you! I have loved everything in your booth for years. I’m excited for you on this new adventure!

  3. I love your board and batten! I want to do this in my hall but I am unsure of how tall to make it…

  4. I like what you have done in your office I especially like the carpet would you remember where you got it from?

    1. Hi! The black and white rug is from Overstock.