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Monday, June 21, 2021

Let's Go Thrifting: Auction and Thrift Store Finds Vol 2

Creating a beautiful and unique home with vintage finds from auctions, thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace!

It's officially SUMMER!

School has ended, working two days a week out of the house is ending and this mama is looking forward to finally having more time to blog and hit up more auctions.

Picking and thrifting are definitely two of my favorite things to do.  I love the thrill of the hunt, exploring and discovering new places, finding unique pieces for my home and meeting and learning from people along the way.  

Almost all of my favorite pieces in my home are one-of-a-kind finds found at auctions or vintage shops.  They're old, unique, a little crusty and perfect for making my house feel more like home. 

Vintage lockers
I've been busy the last few weeks with end of year school activities, working at a local vintage pop up shop and fighting a nasty cold, but I've managed to find time to hit up a few auctions and thrift stores.  It's been a while since I blogged about my latest vintage finds, so I have a lot to share. 

I have a long list of vintage items I keep an eye out for when it comes to stocking my vintage booth, but the list is much smaller when it comes to shopping for myself. 

As of now, I personally collect vintage green books, black face clocks, medical bags, cameras, old wood signs and one-of-a-kind pieces that I don't come across often.   I'm especially a sucker for cubbies, card catalogs, vintage multi-drawer pieces and canvas laundry baskets.  

Vintage lockers and decor

On one of my recent trips to my favorite thrift store, I found this vintage silver trophy cup that I couldn't bring myself to sell in the shop.  I have it displayed next to a cool vintage medical bag that belonged to the county coroner from my town (papers were inside the bag).  Isn't that crazy?

There isn't an old green book I don't like and lately, I've found some great ones to add to my collection. 

Green vintage books

Green vintage books

I'm super picky about the flower frogs I keep for myself, but I grabbed these for the shop and I'm pretty sure they are already all sold. 
Vintage flower frogs
I'm also a sucker for vintage amber bottles and apothecary bottles.  They tend to be expensive at auctions, but I got lucky and snagged these four a few weeks ago. 
Vintage apothecary bottles
They were part of a large auction haul that I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago.  

Vintage loot shoot

Do you see that church hymn board?!?!

As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.  Luckily, it didn't go too high and I was able to snag it for a great price.  And how about that awesome vintage light?  It's almost the exact same one that I just installed in my mudroom

I'm still on the hunt for numbers (the ones I have are a little too big), but doesn't the hymn. board look right at home hanging in the basement behind my Eames style chair? (Also an auction find) 

My latest auction haul was just the other week and I was incredibly lucky to score two lots of vintage clocks.  I paid a little more than I wanted for one of the lots, but the other lot was just $3.00 for three clocks!!! 

Vintage loot shoot

Vintage clocks

All of the items are headed to my vintage shop besides the black face clock and Planters jar.  
Vintage clock collection

My personal collection of black faced clocks (and one oddball white one because I couldn't bring myself to let it go) is growing and I'm not sad about it. 

Vintage vingette

I've been laying off Facebook Marketplace lately (for no particular reason), but I just so happened to hop on the other week and lucked out with this INCREDIBLE vintage leather chair.  I originally picked it up for the shop, but as soon as I saw it in person I knew I was keeping it for myself.  

Vintage leather chair Facebook Marketplace ad

Did you see the price?

I couldn't pay her fast enough!

It's in amazing vintage condition, is incredibly comfortable and is the perfect work and lounge chair.  

Vintage leather chair

Do you remember that I said I love vintage wood signs, card catalogs and canvas laundry baskets? 

I now have all three of my favorites together in my basement and it couldn't make me happier! 

Vintage card catalog and decor

I love mixing old and new (vintage and modern) in my home decor and auctions and vintage shops are a great way to find one-of-a-kind unique items to add interest, texture and personality to your home.  

What is your favorite vintage piece that you own?

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  1. That hymn board is amazing! I have an Eames style chair in black, this is perfect together for my reading noon-I’ll be hunting for one!

  2. I love this post!! I enjoyed seeing your latest treasures.

  3. My favorite vintage piece is a small clock that my Mom brought to America from Ireland. It’s approximately 70yrs old.

  4. I love garage sales and estate sales. Due to the pandemic, I got into auctions and can get a little competitive. I found a super detailed Singer sewing table I am going to redo. My true unicorn right now is a card catalog.