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Monday, May 17, 2021

Low-Maintenance House Plants: Switching From Faux to Real Plants

Transitioning from faux to real plants.  The best beginner house plants and easy tips to help them thrive!

I'm trying a thing. 

Not sure how successful I'll be, but I'm willing to try and learn.

I'm sloooowly transitioning from faux to real house plants.  

Are you surprised?  I am.

I was never one to have a green thumb and be able to keep real plants alive.  I would always start with good intentions, but end up accidentally robbing them of water and sunlight.  

Over the past few years, I've learned a little, became somewhat more responsible and somehow managed to keep a few low-maintenance plants alive and healthy.   

pothos plant in mudroom

I think I've turned a corner and now I'm obsessed with filling my home with more low-maintenance plants!


1. Start with easy-to-care-for (low-maintenance)  plants  
I began with Pothos, which are great for beginners due to their ability to tolerate a wide range of environments.  They do well in both indirect light as well as low light and are a great starter plant to propagate. 

Last year, I propagated my large Pothos, which resulted in three more plants that I've been able to keep alive and are now thriving.  

2. Start slow
Typically, I'm a dive right in kind of girl, who's impatient, doesn't read directions and likes to wing it and hope for the best.  Not the best plan when it comes to keeping plants alive.  I've learned to start slow (with one or two plants) and focus on keeping those few plants alive.  Once I got into a watering routine and learned where plants thrive in my home, I slowly added more plants.

3. Mix real and faux plants
There's no rule that says you have to go all in with real plants and ditch the faux.  I love mixing real plants with unique artificial plants for added interest, texture and pops of green.   I typically place my faux plants near my real ones, so they play off each other and blend together beautifully.  

Faux plants are also ideal for windowless rooms, dark corners and high shelves where natural light is limited.   

The best low maintenance. house plants


1. ALOE VERA - Place in indirect sunlight and water every 1-2 weeks.  My daughter is in charge of our Aloe Vera plant and typically runs water through the dry soil then lets it drain in the kitchen sink, which has worked out well. 

 We use our Aloe plant, so it's currently looking a little sad, but it's actually doing very well.  
Aloe vera

2. SNAKE PLANT - Grows in just about any light level and does well when ignored and the soil is allowed to completely dry out between waterings.  They are susceptible to root rot, so the less water the better.  Perfect for this ametuer plant mom.   
Snake plant in vintage crock

3. POTHOS- Can tolerate low and bright light and only requires watering every 1-2 weeks.  Pothos like to have their soil dry out between waterings, therefore, can tolerate erratic watering care.  Pothos are also great plants for beginners to learn to propagate and can grow in soil or water.  

Thriving pothos plant

4. Air Plants - These fun plants are available in a wide variety of shapes and textures.  They don't require soil or much light and thrive being soaked in water once a week for a few hours.  


Coming from someone who always had faux plants, I can honestly say, adding real plants to my home has been a total game-changer.  My mood became brighter and my home instantly felt like it had more life.  

Along with just giving life to a space, real plants are proven to clean air, reduce stress and anxiety and help you feel a sense of accomplishment.   I don't know about you, but being able to keep plants alive has given me a boost of confidence and accomplishment.  Especially when I see them sprouting new leaves or coming back to life when I forget to water them. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig


As I previously mentioned, I started with low-maintenance plants.  I keep them in rooms that receive a lot of natural light and that I frequent often.  Seeing them is the best reminder for me to make sure they are getting enough water and are doing well and thriving. 
Switching from faux to real plants

I water ALL my plants once a week on the same day, every week.  Before, I would sporadically water them whenever I remembered, which was not the best plan.  Now, on "Thirsty Thursday" all my plants get watered and I never forget. 

Watering house plants

I'm still new to this whole plant mom thing, but I'm loving having so many live plants in my home to care for.  It most definitely changes the mood in my home for the better and for that, I couldn't be happier.  

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The best low maintenance house plants

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