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Monday, June 28, 2021

Summer Bedroom Refresh: How to Update Your Bedroom For Summer

Budget-friendly ideas to spruce up your bedroom for summer! 

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The days are longer, the sun is hotter and it's the perfect time to lighten your bedroom decor. 

I don't typically change much of my decor for summer, but I do like to make a few budget-friendly changes to lighten and brighten my home, especially when it comes to my bedroom.   

Heavier blankets, pillows and bedding get put away and are replaced with lighter fabrics for a brighter feel.  This year, thanks to Walmart Home and their summer bedroom decor, I was able to update my bedding and pillows to create the perfect summery vibe.  With free shipping on orders over $35 and free returns, it was super convenient to shop from home, risk-free. 

Summer bedroom decor


TIP #1:  Lighten Your Bedding
I tend to keep my bedding neutral all year long, but I do add a heavier blanket and comforter during the cooler months.  Summer is a great time to replace flannel sheets and darker heavier blankets with lighter and brighter colors and fabrics.   

I recently swapped out my heavier bedding for this lightweight coverlet set from Walmart.  It's soft, lightweight and super easy to throw in the wash. 

TIP # 2:  Add in Pops of Color
Consider using white sheets and bedding then add in pops of color with pillows and throw blankets.  

I love emerald green, so  I swapped out my DIY faux leather throw pillows for a pair of emerald green velvet pom pom pillows from Walmart.  These pillows are super soft and come in a wide range of fun colors,  perfect for summer.  

Budget-friendly ways to update your bedroom for summer

TIP #3: Replace Heavy Curtains
Do you currently have thermal or blackout curtains hung in your bedroom?  Consider replacing dark or heavy curtains with something much more lightweight.  Natural light is the best way to instantly brighten a room and make it feel larger, especially during warm summer months. 

How to update your bedroom for summer

TIP #4: Clean and Declutter
Decluttering is free and an incredibly easy way to lighten your room for summer.  Put away heavy winter blankets and sheets, clear off dressers and nightstands and trash or donate any unused items you no longer need.  It's amazing how much lighter and relaxed you will feel with a clean and clutter-free room. 

TIP#5: Add Plants, Greenery or Flowers
I've been slowly transitioning from faux to real plants (you can read about my favorite low-maintenance house plants HERE) and love the added life they bring to a room.   Not only are they visually appealing, but they can also clean the air, help improve sleep and make your room feel a bit more summery. 

Fresh flowers are also a great budget-friendly way to spruce up your bedroom for summer.  Grab your favorites from your garden or florist and create a beautiful bouquet to display on your dresser or nightstand. 

Budget-friendly summer bedroom

Creating mood boards is something I love doing (it's like going shopping for free!), so I also wanted to create a neutral summer bedroom using Walmart Home summer furniture and decor.  

I included lots of neutrals, light colors, natural elements and pops of green (my favorite!) to create the perfect summer bedroom retreat! 

Budget-friendly summer bedroom decor was walmart

You can shop all the bedroom sources as well as my favorite Walmart Home summer decor below! 

summer bedroom decor

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  1. Great job! Love the pillows! We do actually keep our blackout insulated curtains up here around since it keeps our bedroom much much cooler since it faces West. And we're really fighting the heat being in a hot climate with this scorcher going through the West