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Friday, January 20, 2023

Let's Go Thrifting: What I Bought and How I Styled it

A curated collection of thrift store finds and how I styled them in my vintage modern decorated home! 

It's been way too long since my last Let's Go Thrifting post, so let's do a little thrifting!

I go thrifting once or twice a week, with one of those outings consisting of traveling my favorite local thrifting loop.  It takes me most of the afternoon, but I can hit eight thrift stores and one antique mall within an hour from my home.  

Some days are less productive than others and I walk out empty-handed, but going often increases my chances of scoring some great deals. 

Let's see what I've found lately!
decroating with thrift store finds

Since sharing that project, I have spotted many similar wood wall calendars while out thrifting.  I even came across a mini one!   

They're definitely out there if you want to create your own antique hymn board

dated wood wall calendar

dated wood wall calendar

For months, I came up empty-handed when looking for flat weave baskets.  They are something I look for in every store and I just wasn't finding any. 

That was until a few months ago.  

Over a few weeks, I found at least one or two during my thrifting outings. 
thrift store basket aisle

thrift store baskets and clothes
And very quickly I ended up with a large amount of flat weave baskets in a variety of sizes. 
thrift store flat weave baskets
Another item I always look for while thrifting is brass, particularly brass candle holders and animals.  There is one store on my route that almost always has brass and is my go-to place to hit when I'm looking to restock. 

How gorgeous is this set of brass candle holders? 
thrift store brass candle holders

thrift store cart shoot

I wasn't going to include auction finds today, but I couldn't resist sharing these amazing flower frogs. I scored the entire bag for $2.50.  TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. 

vintage flower frogs
The other day, I planned a trip to one of my favorite antique malls and decided to run into a nearby Goodwill.  I found a vintage suitcase and a white Haeger pitcher, so it was definitely worth the visit. 
vintage suitcase and pitcher

Now that you have seen what I bought while thrifting, let's decorate! 

I love using vintage suitcases around my home.  They're great for stacking under benches and tables and also double as stylish storage.  I swapped out the previous suitcase I had under the bench in the kitchen for the one I found at Goodwill.  It's a little lighter and perfect for transitioning into spring. 

decorating with vintage suitcase

thrift store decorating

It's been a while since I hung flat weave baskets on my wall, so it was nice to create a little gallery wall with them again.  They're affordable and perfect for adding texture and warmth to spaces. 

flat weave basket gallery wall

thrift store flat weave basket gallery wall

styling with vintage thrift store finds
I used a few brass candle holders, flower frogs, and a couple vintage planters to style the entry table.  

brass candlestick styling

thrift store finds

Whether I'm thrifting, picking, auctioning, or buying new, I gravitate towards neutrals and a cohesive color palette throughout my home. 

Sticking to greens and neutrals makes it super easy to mix and match, rotate and combine thrift store finds with the rest of my home decor.  

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thrift store finds, decorating with thrift store finds


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  1. Great finds! I adore the suitcase, the brass and the planters. So I guess we have real similar tastes. I never find flower frogs. Excellent price on the ones you did. Keep inspiring us!

  2. I love the baskets on the wall, that looks so good!! Flat baskets are one thing that I never see at my stores in NH. But c’mon, $2.50 for the flower frogs…now that is a good day!!