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Friday, November 20, 2020

Drop Leaf Table Makeover: Before and After

Dated drop leaf tables get a vintage modern makeover with new paint and hardware! 

First off, I want to apologize.  If you follow me on Instagram then you may be expecting to see my vintage Christmas decorated kitchen. 

In my defense, I had all intentions of sharing my decorated kitchen, but last-minute sales at my vintage booth at Sweet Clover Barn derailed my plans and threw me into "furniture makeover" overdrive. 

I can't even remember the last time I shared a furniture makeover, but this quick and easy drop leaf side table makeover was too good not to share.  

Vintage modern painted drop leaf table makeover

Drop leaf tables aren't my style, but they are pretty common and easy to find at auctions, estate sales or on Facebook Marketplace (it can be harder to find matching tables at thrift stores).  They are also super easy to update and transform from drab and dated to stylish and modern. 

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- 120 Grit Sandpaper
- Drill 
- Small Drill Bit
- Lint Free Rag or Wax Brush
- Screwdriver
- Tape measure

Drop leaf tables before

I bought my tables from a local auction and knew right away how I was going to give them a more modern look.  The drop leaves, unflattering finish and brass batwing hardware definitely dated them and had to go.  

Dated drop leaf tables
I started by removing the hardware that attached the drop leaves then filled the holes with one of my favorite wood fillers.   I gave the tables a good sanding, wiped them clean, painted two coats of Lamp Black, distressed them a bit, sealed them with finishing wax then added new black matte bin pulls.  Removing leaves from drop leaf tables
Black painted modern side tables

Black distressed side table makeovver

Modern painted drop leaf tables

matte black furniture hardware

Removing the drop leaves made the biggest impact on these little tables, but the addition of black paint and matte black pulls definitely kicked them up a notch.  Did I change the way you view drop leaf tables?  I hope I gave you some inspiration to not think twice about grabbing a pair next time you see a set while out thrifting. 

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Before and after drop leaf table makeover

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  1. I really like these because they aren't painted white like so much of the current DIYs are. They are gorgeous!

  2. Oh I just love what you did with those!! So so pretty! That really gave those an awesome!

  3. I love how these turned out! They look so much more modern.