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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to Update a Goodwill Table Into a Card Catalog

A big thank you to The FAT Paint Company for Sponsoring today's post. 

It's time for another Monthly DIY Challenge!  This month we worked with The FAT Paint Company to update furniture pieces with their chalk style paint.  It was the perfect opportunity to FINALLY redo the Goodwill side table that's been sitting in my garage for almost a year. 

Goodwill Side table before
As soon as I saw this multi-drawer piece at Goodwill I knew I could easily turn it into the perfect vintage inspired card catalog.  The solid wood construction, storage and dove tail drawers was exactly what I was looking for and the $15 price tag was the icing on the cake.  

Some affiliate links have been used. 

- Circular saw                                  
- Drill
- Ryobi AirStrike                                  
- Ryobi Mitre Saw 
- Screwdriver
- Tape Measure
- 1 x 2 wood
- Small trim wood 
- White primer
- Fine and Medium Sandpaper
- DAP wood filler and wood glue
- Caulk

This table was in pretty good shape, but the curved legs were not my style and had to go.  

Goodwill Side Table Before

I started by removing the front molding then I used a circular saw to cut off the curved legs. 
Removing Base of Goodwill Table

Removing bottom of Goodwill side table

Removing bottom of Goodwill side table
Cutting off the curvy legs was a huge improvement, but the base now needed to be rebuilt to add height and clean up the rough lines. 

Adding base to Goodwill side table
I cut 1 x 2's and thin trim molding at 45 degree angles to finish off and rebuild the base.  I also added boards across the bottom to support the new trim and caster wheels.
Adding base to Goodwill side table makeover
I wasn't planning on sanding the table, but I ended up dinging up the top while I was rebuilding the base.  Thankfully, it's nothing a quick sanding couldn't fix.  After filling in the nail holes with wood putty and caulking the wood that I added it was ready for paint.
Sanding Goodwill side table
I added a quick coat of primer since I sanded the wood and wanted to eliminate bleeding.   If you plan on sanding your furniture before painting or if you are using light color paint on dark wood I always suggest using a primer or shellac.
Primed Goodwill side table
Once my primer was dry it was finally time to add my FAT paint.
FAT paint and CLEAR coat
This paint is super smooth, easy to apply and has great coverage.  It dries quick, so make sure you catch any drips quickly.
Painting Goodwill side table
I suggest lightly sanding in between coats and before you apply the CLEAR top coat.  Again, you'll have to work quick since the CLEAR coat dries quick.  The FAT Paint Co. also sells natural wax if you want to lightly distress and seal your piece with wax instead.
Adding clear coat to painted side table
I was able to use the original knobs then added inexpensive label holders  (3 for $1.99) to create the look of card catalog drawers.

Adding hardware to card catalog inspired side table makeover
Once all the hardware was attached I covered the caster wheels in frog tape and gave them a few light coats of Rust-Oleum ORB metallic spray paint.
Spraying caster wheels

Vintage inspired card catalog side table Makeover
The final product turned out just as I expected and I couldn't be happier with my $15 Goodwill purchase.
Card Catalog inspired Goodwill table makeover

Goodwill card catalog table makeover

It makes the perfect addition to our living room and I love the added storage. 
Painted card catalog inspired side table makeover

Goodwill side table makeover

Card Catalog inspired side table makeover

A $15.00 Goodwill side table gets a vintage card catalog inspired makeover!

A $15.00 Goodwill side table gets a vintage card catalog inspired makeover!

Do you want to create your own furniture flip? 

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  1. It's beautiful Katie! The colour is SO perfect and I love those little label holders!

  2. I really like how you changed the whole look of the table. It went from outdated to WOW!

  3. Girl, you know I love your card catalogue makeovers! Such a great color for this piece - it blends so seamlessly into your design!

  4. Katie you never cease to amaze me!!! I absolutely love your new side table! (P.S. Hope to see you at Haven this year!)

  5. Wow! Katie! This piece looks like it came straight out of a high end furniture shop now! I really like that you got rid of the scallop at the bottom and the casters are a nice little unexpected touch :)

  6. Katie this is amazing!! I love that you cut off the bottom section, I like it so much better with the trim you added. And the card-catalog look is perfect!! :)

  7. It's beautiful Katie! Those lable holders are so you and whatever you add them to turns out gorgeous! Love the color!
    Kendra @

  8. That looks great! I would have never guessed what it looked like originally.

  9. I knew this one was your makeover the minute I saw the picture! It's perfect. Love the color and label holders.

  10. What a great idea! I have seen side tables like this, but I hadn't thought to turn them into a card catalogue-looking side table. Genius! I really love the look. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I here by proclaim you to be the Queen of Card File Creations!!! Love it!!!!