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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Best Flooring Options for Every Style and Budget

It can be a bit overwhelming when choosing or updating flooring in your home.  It's not something that you tend to replace or change often and generally takes up a large chunk of your budget.  The good news is, updating your flooring doesn't have to be expensive.  Splurge if your budget allows, but if you're looking to cut costs there are great options for every budget. 
Pros and Cons: The Best Flooring Options For Every Style and Budget.

There are pros and cons to every floor type and I don't believe one type of floor is necessarily better than another.  Each can be stained, painted or altered to fit your unique and individual style.  You just have to decide which option better fits your needs. 

PROS: Durable, slip resistant, fire proof, aesthetically appealing.

CONS: Uneven, heavy, susceptible to moisture damage, hard under foot.

Brick has been around for centuries and there's nothing more charming than original exposed brick.   It may be a challenge to find a home with brick, but you can still get the look.

Brick flooring in laundry room
PROS: Affordable, water resistant, durable, variety of styles

CONS: Hard under foot, cold, slippery, can be easily cracked or damaged

Do you love Brick, but also love tile?  Get the best of both worlds with tile that looks just like brick!

Tile Floor that looks like brick
If you like the look of hardwood, but prefer the durability of tile go for tile that looks like wood.   This type of tile comes in many colors and shades and can really add interest to a room when laid in a herringbone pattern. 

Pros and Cons of tile flooring
Patterned tile floor

PROS: Can add value to your home, can be refinished if damage occurs,  low maintenance 

CONS: Susceptible to scratches and water damage, hard under foot, noisy

If your hardwood floors are in rough shape try painting stripes or adding a stencil as an inexpensive alternative to refinishing. 
Pros and Cons of hardwood, stenciled floor

painted hardwood floor

pros and cons of hardwood, herringbone floor

PROS: Low maintenance, easy to install, affordable, reduces noise, variety of colors, water resistant

CONS: Can be easily damaged by heavy loads, colors can fade and yellow, susceptible to stains.

I think vinyl gets a bad wrap, but it's come a long way since the 80's faux brick and floral patterns. We actually opted for waterproof vinyl when we replaced our basement floors and I could not be happier with how they turned out.  They were easy to install (yes, I laid the entire floor myself) and are super durable.  
Pros and Cons of Vinyl, vinyl basement floor
I also added inexpensive peel and stick vinyl as a temporary floor in our mudroom.  
Peel and Sick Vinyl floor

You can also paint vinyl for a super affordable update!

Painted vinyl floor

PROS: Low Maintenance,  beautiful designs, versatile,  extremely durable

CONS: Hard under foot, susceptible to moisture and cracking, 

Concrete can be pretty boring as is, but add a bit of paint or stencil and you have an instant focal point to any space. 
Pros and Cons of concrete, painted concrete floor

Stenciled concrete patio

No matter what your budget allows, you can easily add interest, contrast and style with any type of floor. 


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  1. We have hardwood and tile in most of our house (carpet in the rest... yuck). I love both but our wood floor needs major refinishing. It needed 10 years ago when we bought the place but we couldn't do it then and now it's already 10 years later. It's still fine, but will get refinished if/when we sell the place. As for our tile - I love our wood look tile we installed in our bathroom and I would put it everywhere I'd put tile. Our kitchen, which needs a major overall, has white tile and it's ugly. The tile itself is ok, technically, but the grout. Oh, the grout. I wish I could gut it right now. Good list - I love all the inspiration photos!

  2. Everything is fabulous. I love everything. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous spaces.

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