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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My New and FREE Office Lockers

Most of you probably know that I've been in search of a set of lockers for quite some time.  I've actually found a few used lockers, but they were either too much money, already sold, too damaged or not exactly what I was looking for.  

Time went on and I eventually put my search for lockers on the back burner, but that all changed with one simple text.  My neighbor knew I had been looking for lockers and asked my husband if I wanted a bunch of lockers that they were getting rid of at work.  Heck, YES!  (Napoleon Dynamite, anyone?)

Lockers, vintage, style lockers, office
The lockers arrived a few weeks later and I could not have been happier.   I not only had my very own lockers, but I had TEN and they were absolutely FREE!  Thanks Chuck, you're the best!

Lockers, vintage, lockers before
I thought about painting them, but really wanted to wait until I knew exactly where they would end up in our home.  If you remember, my office will eventually become part of our kitchen, which meant keeping them in the office was only going to be temporary.
Lockers before
The only real issue/flaw was green spray paint that happened to be on a few of them.  My husband was convinced I couldn't remove the paint, but I had a feeling I could get it off with a Magic Eraser.  I mean, what doesn't a Magic Eraser clean?

spray painted lockers

Cleaning lockers with magic eraser

Magic Eraser
I demolished one Magic Eraser, but it completely removed the spray paint! Katie-1, Dan-0

lockers, vintage, office
 I still have to work on removing label residue, but I couldn't resist getting them moved to my office.
industrial modern farmhouse office, lockers, vintage

Industrial modern farmhouse office, lockers, vintage

industrial modern farmhouse office, lockers, vintage

Industrial modern farmhouse office, lockers, office, vintage
Industrial Modern Farmhouse Office, lockers,

Industrial modern farmhouse office, lockers, vintage
With the edition of the lockers I decided to say goodbye to the green dresser (It is going back to my mom) and the IKEA Expedit bookcase that was previously in my office is being moved to the basement.  

All my paint, craft and DIY supplies that were in the dresser have been moved to either the lockers, my MCM dresser or my Raskog cart. 
Ikea Raskog, craft cart, craft storage

Ikea Raskog, craft cart, craft storage
I still have a bit of organizing to do, but I couldn't be happier to finally have lockers in my home.  

Industrial Modern Farmhouse Office

Bookcase turned lockers


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  1. Super cute & I love how you styled them! I always say "Free is for Meeeee" haha! #GREATscore


  2. They look wonderful! Such great storage!Great job on the paint removal.

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