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Sunday, June 18, 2017

How to make an American Flag out of 2x4 Slices

I was hoping to get this project done sooner, but considering there is still a few weeks until the Fourth of July I'm considering myself ahead of the game.  I don't tend to decorate for every holiday, but there is something nostalgic and patriotic about adding a bit of Americana to your home. 

A few months ago I spruced up our front porch, which made it super easy to add a Patriotic touch for Independence Day.  All it needed was a few flags and an easy DIY 2x4 American flag. 

DIY 2x4 American Flag

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These are the times that I am thankful I don't let my husband throw away my scrap wood.  It always comes in handy for spur of the moment ideas like building a 2x4 American flag. 

Slicing 2x4
I started by slicing a 2x4 into thin strips.   I was going for a more uneven rustic look, so I didn't measure and just made random cuts.
2x4 slices
 Once I had enough slices cut I gave each one a good sanding to knock off the rough edges.
Painting 2x4 American flag pieces
 I used Metallic pewter for the blue then watered down red and white craft paint to paint the strips.
Patriotic Front Porch: How to make an American Flag out of 2x4's
I attached the 2x4 slices to the scrap board using wood glue and let it dry a few hours before adding the stars and rope for hanging.
Gluing 2x4 pieces to scrap wood

pieced 2x4 American flag
I thought about leaving the blue as is, but ultimately decided to add leftover silver stars that I picked up from the Dollar Tree last week for another quick patriotic project.
Adding stars to 2x4 American flag
I finished off the flag with D ring hooks and rope then hung it to my door using a command hook.
Adding rope to 2x4 American flag

 How to make an American flag out of 2x4 slices

Patriotic front porch

How to make an American Flag out of 2x4 Slices
I love that the swirls in the 2x4 gives the illusion that the flag is moving and adds a bit of texture and dimension.

Do you have any scrap wood laying around?  Why not make your own 2x4 slice American Flag? 


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  1. This is so cute, I love the rustic look and those cute little stars.

  2. I love it! What an imagination you have!

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