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Monday, January 30, 2017

IKEA Hack: How to Turn a Bookcase into Lockers

An IKEA bookcase gets a huge makeover to resemble the look of storage lockers. 

It's been a couple weeks since I've shared a DIY project, but I'm back talking about tools, paint and hardware!  Today, I'm sharing how I turned our 16 cubby IKEA Expedit bookcase into lockers (AKA a bookcase with doors).

In my dream world, I would have a beautiful set of large lockers lining the wall of our basement.  The problem is, I can't find a set that I love for a price that I'm willing to pay. That's when I decided to give up the idea of lockers and turn our current IKEA bookcase into something that better fits the style and decor of our basement.  I took inspiration from my crate lockers and now all the toys are neatly tucked away behind beautiful closed doors. 
IKEA expedit bookcase turned lockers

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Since we don't have the proper saw at our house I sent my husband to my neighbor's house to cut 4' x 4' underlayment into sixteen 13" x 13" squares.  Make sure to keep the leftover pieces for future projects.  The sizes are perfect for DIY signs!
Cut underlayment for locker doors, IKEA, IKEA hack, Storage

cut underlayment for locker doors, IKEA, IKEA hack
I wasn't sure if I wanted the doors to be stained or painted so I started off mixing a custom stain and applying a light coat to each door.
staining locker doors, IKEA hack, IKEA, storage
I didn't like how the hardware blended in with the stained doors (you know I like contrast and there just wasn't enough), so I got out some leftover paint (Sherwin-Williams Pearly White) and painted two coats on the front and back of each door.
painting wood for locker doors, IKEA, IKEA hack, storage
Since the paint I used was flat I applied a coat of water based poly to protect the doors and allow them to be wiped down.
supplies needed for locker doors, IKEA hack, IKEA, storage
To make attaching the pulls easy I created a template with one of the leftover cut pieces of wood.  I traced the pulls, drilled holes for the hardware then laid the template on top all 16 doors to ensure all the pulls were even and centered.
making a template for the locker doors, IKEA, IKEA storage, IKEA hack

Attaching hardware to locker doors, IKEA hack, IKEA storage, IKEA
After I attached all 16 pulls I marked each door then glued the hardware to the doors.  (TIP: sand the door and hardware before applying glue to help the glue adhere better) I would normally use screws, but since the doors were thin I used glue to avoid screw pops.
attaching hinges to locker doors, IKEA, IKEA hack, storage
I allowed the glue and hinges to fully cure before pre-drilling holes and attaching the doors to the bookcase.
attached doors on bookcase , IKEA hack, IKEA, Storage
The doors fit snug and stay closed, but I think I'll eventually add magnetic latches like I did for the crate lockers.  I was going to add vintage brass locker tags that I bought off eBay, but they ended up being too small.   I ended up using my favorite aluminum numbers instead and I think they were the perfect addition.  For now they are simply attached with double-sided tape until I find the perfect tacks/small nails.
Doors for bookcase turned locker, Ikea Hack, IKEA, IKEA hack, IKEA storage
Labels will be added to each door as soon as I get all the toys organized.  
how to turn a bookcase into lockers, IKEA, IKEA hack, Storage

Expedit bookcase tuend lockers, IKEA hack, IKEA, storage

Ikea expedit/kallax bookase turned lockers, IKEA hack, IKEA, Storage

Turn a bookcase into gorgeous lockers, IKEA, IKEA hack, storage
I can not even tell you all how much I love this IKEA bookcase turned lockers!  They completely transformed the basement and instantly made the space look neat and organized.  No longer do I have to stare at a wall of toys when I walk down the basement.  The kids still get to have all their books, toys and games and I get to have a gorgeous piece of furniture that I love.  That's a huge win! 
bookcase turned lockers before and after, IKEA hack, IKEA, storage

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IKEA Expedit bookcase tuned lockers, IKEA hack, IKEA storage, IKEA

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  1. I love it! It's such a simple fix yet looks absolutely amazing :)

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  3. This is awesome!! Loving this and pinning it! I've been on the hunt for lockers as well, and I already have several Expedit bookcases, so this is perfect. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Katie this looks so good. You've just given me a great idea for my son's room. I love the Expedit!

  5. katie can i rent your basement ha ha this is such a cool way to hide the mess love it xx

  6. This is the BEST hack I have seen so far, love it! bravo!

  7. Obsessed!!! Love it so much, Katie!!

  8. Love the hardware! Such a great idea!

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