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Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Best Faux Apothecary Cabinet Makeovers

Do you love the look of vintage multi-drawer cabinets?  Does your budget not allow for an authentic vintage piece?  Get the same look for less with these faux multi-drawer cabinet makeovers!

It should be no surprise that I love vintage drawers

Card catalogs, apothecary cabinets, map drawers, multi-drawer cabinets, it doesn't matter.

The more drawers the better!

Unfortunately, authentic multi-drawer pieces are getting harder to find and can be a shock to your wallet and budget.   

The good news is, you can create your own apothecary cabinets, card catalogs and multi-drawer pieces using basic furniture and supplies!  

The best faux multi-drawer cabinets

Before I get to my favorite multi-drawer furniture transformations, I wanted to share a few helpful articles to make it easier for you to create your own faux card catalogs and apothecary cabinets. 



The Painted Hive took a basic storage unit and transformed it into a stylish multi-drawer cabinet.

File cabinet turned multi-drawer cabinet

Turn a dated wood chest into the perfect vintage industrial faux apothecary cabinet.
How to turned a dresser into a faux card catalog


Dresser turned faux apothecary cabinet

My Vintage Porch saved this dated dresser from the trash pile and beautifully transformed it into a stunning faux wood apothecary cabinet
Dresser turned faux apothecary cabinet

An 80's dresser got a cool apothecary-style makeover using a router, paint and new hardware. 
How to turn a dresser into a faux apothecary cabinet

The Painted Hive does it again and completely transformed basic laminate side tables into gorgeous faux map cabinets. 

Basic dresser turned faux map cabinet

Turn old metal hardware drawers into perfect faux card catalog desktop organizers
Hardware drawers turned industrial card catalog

I Spy DIY turned a basic white dresser into a super cool vintage-inspired map cabinet, perfect for her guest room. 
Dresser turned industrial map cabinet

Who doesn't love a good IKEA hack?  Maison De Pax nailed her Rast hack by transforming the basic pine dresser into an antique-inspired printer's cabinet

IKEA hack turned map cabinet

Turn a basic dresser into a cool vintage-industrial multi-drawer chest
Dresser turned faux multi-drawer cabinet

G is for Guandie transformed a $15 thrift store find into a beautiful faux multi-drawer cabinet
dresser turned faux apothecary cabinet

A $15 Goodwill find is transformed into a perfect faux card catalog side table
side table turned faux card catalog

Prodigal Pieces took a dated chest of drawers and turned it into a stylish upcycled map cabinet
Dresser turned upcycled map cabinet

Can you believe this is the same piece?  Nathan Bridges has an incredible eye and is a master of transforming dated furniture into pure masterpieces! 
how to turn a dresser into a faux apothecary cabinet

If you like the look of wood apothecary cabinets then you are sure to love this dresser turned apothecary cabinet from Salvaged Inspirations. 
Dresser turned faux apothecary cabinet

Turn a set of IKEA Moppe drawers into a cool vintage-inspired four drawer desktop card catalog
IKEA Moppe turned faux card catalog
Pretty incredible furniture transformations, right? 

I hope these furniture makeovers have inspired you to create your own unique multi-drawer cabinets!

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