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Monday, July 19, 2021

Vintage Modern Basement

A small ranch-style basement decorated in a mix of vintage, industrial and modern styles.

Our basement has always been overtaken with toys and was a major drop zone for old, random and leftover decor.  It was a total hodgepodge and the last place I ever wanted to clean, decorate or spend time.  

Now with my kids getting older (they are eleven and thirteen!) the toys are pretty much nonexistent and I've been able to clean out and update the basement.  I've added some of my favorite vintage finds and have been slowly turning it into a space I actually enjoy. 

It still needs to be functional for our family (the kids do still have some toys and I work from home), but I've been able to incorporate multifunctional pieces that are both stylish and practical.

Restored vintage card catalog
One of my favorite pieces in the basement is the 18 drawer card catalog that I refinished and updated with hairpin legs.  I work from home, so it holds a lot of furniture hardware, paint, shipping and painting supplies, printer ink, etc.  The large vintage laundry basket (auction find) is full of bubble wrap, packing materials and shipping supplies.   Both are perfectly stylish and functional.  

Vintage card catalog and vintage canvas laundry basket

Vintage modern basement
I tied in the hues and colors of the card catalog and Eames style chair with a couple oversized chunky textured throw pillows.  They are a nice pop of color without being too over the top. 
Rust and charcoal gray pillows

Vintage modern basement decor

Vintage modern card catalog
I've been lucky to find some pretty awesome vintage pieces,  but my all-time favorite piece is this vintage hymn board.  I hung it behind my Eames chair for the perfect vintage modern pair. 
Vintage hymn board and Eames lounge chair

Vintage modern basement decor
(NOT PICTURED:  The bright blue exercise ball, yoga mat and weights that I strategically shoved out of the camera shot haha)

The Iron Ore painted mantel and fireplace pops against the white plank wall and has been decorated with some of my favorite vintage smalls......cameras, clocks, bottles and books. 
mid century modern Eames lounge chair
Large chunky wicker baskets add texture AND hide toys.   The basket on the fireplace has some of my son's smaller toys (nerf guns, remote control cars, etc.) and the basket in the TV stand holds remotes and card games.  
Vintage modern basement decor
The set of twelve lockers were FREE from my neighbor and is a lifesaver in the basement.  They hold a lot of my smaller craft and project supplies, shipping materials, board games, art supplies, photography equipment, etc. 
Basement lockers and vintage decor

Vintage decor
I would love to get rid of the bench by the basement door, but for now, it is a toy box and full of toys.  
Vintage lockers and decor
The basement bar area is usually a major drop zone, but I'm happy to say, I've managed to keep it clear for a while now.  
Iron Ore painted basement decor

Vintage bar decor
The extra cabinetry is perfect for small kitchen appliances and larger entertaining and serving pieces.  It was also a godsend when we renovated our kitchen and first floor

Vintage modern bar area

Vintage bar sign and decor
The stairs have seen quite a transformation over the years and just recently, I  painted the stair risers, Iron Ore.   I still need to repaint the Accessible Beige wall, which is on my list of basement projects. 
Iron Ore painted stair risers

I couldn't be happier to finally have a space where I can decorate and display some of my favorite vintage finds.  There's still more to complete down here (finish trim, regrout tile, repaint the Accessible Beige walls, build shelves for built-ins and organize and decorate my desk area), but it's definitely come a long way from the original tile flooring, dated wood paneling and crusty old ceiling tiles. 

Get the look

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I tried my best to find similar products, but the majority of my decor in the basement is vintage.  If you are looking for one-of-a-kind vintage items I encourage you to shop at local vintage shops/markets, auctions, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and your favorite Vintage Instagram accounts that sell and ship items.  

Wall Color: Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige
Door Color: Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore
Fire Place Color: Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore
Board and Batten: Sherwin-Williams Super Paint Semi-Gloss White

Vintage modern basement decor

Neutral and stylish basement decor


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