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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Best Places to Buy Metal Label Holders and Pulls

Label holders, pulls, vintage locker tags and metal numbers can completely transform and make an ordinary piece look extraordinary.  

I've created many unique pieces using metal label holders and often get asked where I purchase the products I use.   It may surprise you that a lot of my crafting supplies come from local "big box" craft stores and are really affordable.  If I'm looking for something a little more unique I'll search online or hit up local vintage markets.   To make it easier for you, I've rounded up a list of my favorite places to buy metal label holders, pulls and locker tags.  

vintage, label holder, locker tags, metal hardware

Michael's carries two label holders that I love and use quite often.  The best part?  Both can be bought with their 40% off coupon making them super affordable. 
metal label holder, metal pulls
(The reflections labels on the left are found in the scrapbook section and the metal pulls on the right are found with their unfinished wood products.)
metal label holder tags,

metal label holder, dollar tree storage

hardware cabinet turned vintage card catalog, card catalog, storage, label holders, Michael's

Dollar tree, label holders, industrial farmhouse storage, Michael's

Hobby Lobby carries one of my favorite metal label holders and at $1.99 for 3 you can't go wrong. 
goodwill makeover, metal label holders, metal tags, card catalog, hobby lobby

Ebay can be hit or miss, but you can find some unique items at very reasonable prices.  I recently purchased a set of these vintage brass locker tags, which were perfect for updating Dollar Tree Storage bins
Ebay, metal locker tags, dollar tree storage, industrial storage

You have to be careful when shopping for metal label holders and pulls on Etsy.  Some sellers simply resell items that can be purchased from less expensive stores like Amazon, Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  With that being said, there are stores that sell authentic vintage items and one of my favorite shops is A Vintage Parcel!

vintage hardware, vintage locker tags, locker tags, vintage metal numbers, etsy

D.Lawless Hardware has a great selection of metal label holders and pulls at affordable prices.  You can't beat the price ($0.60 and less!) and quality. 
metal label holders, metal pulls, hardware, vintage

goodwill makeover, metal label holders

metal label holders, metal pulls, card catalog,

metal label holders, vintage, metal tags

metal label holders, card catalog, vintage

Amazon has a wide variety of unique items and if you have Amazon prime you can snag them with free shipping!  

metal label holders, vintage pulls, metal hardware

I've used both the Antique iron label pulls (usually purchased from Michael's with a 40% off coupon) and the bronze drawer pulls, which I used for my IKEA bookcase hack.

Amazon, Metal label holders, lockers

ikea hack, metal label holders, metal numbers, amazon

metal label holders, amazon, brass pulls

amazon metal label holders, amazon

A little on the pricey side, but if you are looking for larger label holders and pulls, House of Antique Hardware and Signature Hardware have some great options.

house of antique hardware, metal label holder, metal pulls

Signature hardware, metal label holders, metal pulls

Along with label holders and drawer pulls, I also use a lot of numbers, tags and other odds and ends in my projects.   Most large craft stores carry Jim Holtz idea-ology, Recollections and Woodpile brand, all of which have a good selection of unique items.  Local vintage markets are also a great place to pick up antique pulls, numbers and locker tags. 

metal label holder, metal pulls, vintage, locker tags

Michael's craft store, metal clips, metal numbers, vintage

metal label holders, recollections, metal clips

woodpile, metal label holders, metal tacks

The projects are endless when it comes to creating unique pieces using metal label holders, vintage locker numbers and unique odds and ends!  



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