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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Paige's New Room: Teen Bedroom Mood Board

Neutral, sophisticated and fun teen girl bedroom makeover plans! 

I'm diving headfirst into 2022 with a fun new makeover! 

With much hesitation on my part, I FINALLY gave in and agreed to let my almost 14-year-old daughter move her bedroom to the basement. 

She's been so incredibly patient with me and after years of asking, it's finally time I realize she's growing up and allow her to make this change.

Vintage modern basement
Behind the Iron Ore painted french doors, which was once an office/storage room will soon be her new bedroom. 

I spent the last week clearing out the space, prepping the walls and painting her room in preparation for new flooring. 

Here are a few quick iPhone shots of how the room looked after it was mostly cleared out and ready for new paint.  

French doors leading to basement bedroom
This room was actually a finished room a few years ago, but we had to tear out the carpet after I accidentally flooded the basement.   I like to keep the doors closed and forget that ever happened though haha.  

The door straight ahead leads to a small storage area that houses the furnace, oil tank and breaker box. 

Basement bedroom before
The door to the right of the french doors leads to a small unfinished closet that houses the water neutralizer and behind the double bi-fold doors is a large finished closet.
Basement bedroom before

Do you want to see a peek at the new paint color and the plans for her new bedroom space? 

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

I only have one coat on the walls, but it's already looking so much brighter.  I let Paige pick the new paint color and I have to say, she nailed it with Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray. 

We sat down together to come up with a plan for the rest of the space and of course, she vetoed EVERYTHING I picked.  I forgot how difficult it is to design a room with a teenager. 

Here's a list of a few things she requested and really wanted for her new bedroom. 

- Neutral color scheme
- Nothing modern or vintage (is she even my child?)
- No patterns/textures (umm....what?)
- A bookcase (she reads a ton and has a large book collection)
- Posters
- A plain, neutral, fluffy, high-pile rug
- No gold (she's killing me!)
- No Iron Ore Painted doors (this one was hard for me to swallow.  It is her room though and I do try really hard to let my kids have as much involvement and say in their bedrooms, therefore, the interior doors will remain white)
- Plants (finally, something we agree on) 

What did we agree on and come up with for her new teen bedroom?

Neutral and sophisticated teen girl beddoom

A neutral and sophisticated (with a little bit of fun) teen room!  
I wanted to work with as much of her current furniture as possible (the desk and dresser), but do plan on buying her a new bed and nightstand.  

You know I can't have a room in my home without a touch of vintage or Iron Ore, so I'm sneaking that in with the barrister bookcase that I painted a couple years ago.  

I'm sure she will also hang some of her vintage records on her wall and add some of her own personal touches, which will make her new room fit her personality and feel more like home. 

What's next?

1. Paint a second coat of Repose Gray on the walls and white semi-gloss on the doors and trim. 

2. Replace all the ceiling tiles (you can see in the picture above that a couple ceiling tiles had to be replaced and don't exactly match.)

3. Decide on flooring.  We are currently going back and forth between continuing the waterproof laminate flooring that's in the rest of the basement or making the room a bit more comfortable with plush new carpeting. 

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