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Monday, December 6, 2021

Free Printable: Modern Minimalist Christmas Tags

Free modern minimalist printable Christmas gift tags! 

I was hoping that designing and creating Christmas gift tags would motivate me to start wrapping, but no, I still haven't wrapped a single gift. 

I am, however, pretty much done shopping, so at least I have that going for me. 

Have you started wrapping Christmas gifts yet? 

For those of you like me, who still have all their wrapping to do, I created a set of nine modern minimalist Christmas gift tags that I hope you will find helpful.

Modern Minimalist Christmas tags


1. PRINT Christmas gift tags on thick cardstock.  Simply click on the image below, save and print!

Free Christmas gift tags

*** For personal use only.  Copyright Little House of Four, 2021 ***

2. CUT out the gift tags.  I designed the tags with a thin black border, but if you prefer, you can remove the border when you cut out the tags. 

3. PUNCH out the circle using a standard hole punch.  

I went one step further and painted small flat washers using oil-rubbed bronze spray paint then attached one washer to each tag using Gorilla Super Glue.

Christmas gift tags

4. ATTACH ribbon, jute, or twine to each gift tag. 

I tried both green ribbon and red/white twine on my tags and I have to say, I love the look of the red/white twine much better.  It's not often that I pick red over green, so that's definitely saying something. 

Christmas gift tag printable

Free printable Christmas gift tags

I hope you find these free printable Christmas gift tags helpful and that they give you a little joy this holiday season! 

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Free modern Christmas gift tags

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