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Monday, August 2, 2021

Mood Board: Vintage Modern Dining Room

Black, white, green and wood come together to create the perfect neutral, vintage modern-inspired dining room!

I'm slooowly easing back into work after being away on vacation. 

It's the first time I EVER went away and didn't crack open my laptop to work.  It was amazing and very much needed.  Taking a break from work, limiting social media and focusing on yourself does beautiful and amazing things for your soul. 

I relaxed, stayed up late, slept in, ate delicious food, soaked up the sun, read and thoroughly enjoyed my time away.   

Now I'm back and full of blog and project ideas, starting with a vintage modern-inspired dining room mood board! 

Vintage modern dining room mood board

I love virtual shopping, designing and creating mood boards.  It's the perfect way to fulfill my need for a creative outlet and hopefully, inspire you to create beautiful spaces in your own home.  

I gravitate towards furniture, decor and colors that I love and use in my home, so of course, I went a little vintage modern in this dining room and included my favorite color, white, green and wood tones. 

black, white, green and wood color palate

You can shop the sources I included in this vintage modern dining room by clicking on the links below.  If you prefer more affordable options, consider some of my favorite budget-friendly tips below. 

1.  Facebook Marketplace, auctions, thrift stores and flea markets are great sources for scoring furniture and decor for less.  If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, consider altering items with paint or stain, strip off a previous finish for a beautiful raw wood look, reupholster and update dated fabrics or replace hardware.

2.  Large art can be expensive.  Download prints off ETSY then have them printed at Staples for a more economic option.  IKEA has a good selection of affordable large frames or shop your local thrift stores and use paint to update one yourself.

3.  Be patient and wait for sales.  Patience is not my strongest trait, but when I know an item I want will eventually go on sale, I try to hold out in order to save a few dollars.  Generally, organizing staples and "whites" (bedding, sheets, towels, etc.) go on sale in January,  furniture tends to go on sale in September (after Labor Day) and storewide sales typically occur during holidays. 

Vintage modern dining room

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