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Monday, August 9, 2021

Budget-Friendly Modern Shed Makeover

A boring and basic shed gets a budget-friendly modern makeover! 

Why in the world didn't I do this sooner? 

I joked in my Instagram stories that lately, I feel like I say that after every DIY project.  

Giving the shed a modern makeover that fit with the rest of the house was definitely a long overdue project and was worth the long days of power washing, sanding, staining, painting and being covered in sweat and mud.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't walk outside multiple times a day just to stare at the deck.  I absolutely love the new modern look that I was able to achieve with paint, stain and affordable modern decor.  It now perfectly coordinates with the new DIY trash can screen and other recent backyard updates

Modern deck decor and swing

Affiliate links have been used

- Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior (Iron Ore) 
- Behr Premium Stain and Sealer (tinted to Black)
- Paint Roller
- 1/2" Nap Roller Cover
- Paint Tray
- Chain (for hanging swing)
- 2 Lag Thread Eye Hooks (for hanging swing) 
- 2 Heavy Duty S Hooks (for hanging swing)
- 2 Chain Connectors (for hanging swing) 

Let's start with how the shed looked before.  It wasn't bad by any means, it was just a tad too boring and basic for my taste.  

It's about 16 years old and has some issues that need to be taken care of (rotting beams, warped wood, leaking garage door), but that didn't stop me from wanting to give it a little cosmetic makeover to fit with the rest of the home.   Ideally, I would LOVE to convert this building into my shop, but that's a story for another day. 

Shed before

Shed door before

Deck before

I wanted something a little more dramatic, so staining the deck was first on the list.  I started by power washing all the wood with my Sun Joe Power Washer.   Power washing is always so satisfying, but it definitely got old real quick.  Thank goodness for my neighbor who saw me hunched over and offered me his orbital attachment.  It made the job go much faster and completely saved my back.  

power washing deck

Power washing deck

After power washing, I let the deck dry out for a day before applying the stain.  

I opted for Behr Premium Waterproofing Stain and Sealer, which I had tinted to black.  I used a paintbrush to cut in around the edge and a 1/2" roller and an extension pole to roll the rest of the deck.  After the first coat of stain was dry, I used a paintbrush to paint between each board where the roller didn't cover.  

waterproof deck stain and sealer

Staining deck black

If you follow me on Instagram then you may already know that I was torn between leaving the columns wood or staining them black to match the deck.  I hesitated to stain them because I felt I would then have to stain the large deck columns, but ultimately, I went for it and stained the columns as well.  

Black stained deck
I applied two coats of black stain to the deck and two coats of Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore to the door.  I also spray painted the existing door hardware with flat black spray paint, which is a super quick, easy and budget-friendly way to update old hardware.

While the stain on the deck was drying I painted the garage door with two coats of Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior in Iron Ore.   
Deck garage door before
I also updated an old porch swing that was left by the previous owner.   It was handmade by my neighbor's brother (who has since passed away) and had just been sitting under our deck, wasting away.  I really wanted to bring it back to life and thought it would be a wonderful addition to the shed deck. 

Porch swing before
A little power washing. sanding and spray paint later and it was like new again! 

The entire shed makeover project only took a few days and a couple hundred dollars to complete.   It's now completely updated and the perfect place to enjoy my morning coffee or glass of wine in the evening. 

Iron Ore painted deck door

Wicker patio set

Three piece modern wicker patio set

Modern deck decor

Modern deck pots and planters

Black stained deck and modern deck decor

Iron Ore painted garage door

white painted deck swing and modern decor

Modern deck pots and decor

Black stained deck and modern deck decor

Black stained deck

Budget-friendly shed makeover

Black stained deck after

Budget-friendly shed makeover

Now that the outside is done you can bet I have a ton of ideas swirling around in my head of what I would LOVE to do on the inside!

- Siding Color: Stone Clay
- Deck Stain: Behr Premium Black
- Door Color: Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore
- Large Black Planter: Home Depot
- Gray and White Planter, White Planter, Raised Planters: HomeGoods
- Three Piece Patio Set: Facebook Marketplace
- Porch Swing: Handmade
- Outdoor Throw Blanket: Target
- Pillows: Hobby Lobby 
- Jute Door Mat: HomeGoods

Get the look

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  1. Looks great! Wish I could figure out something so nice and clean looking for my dump of a shed (actually it's two with a roof between them). Huge eyesore, but love yours!

    1. Thank you! You could totally spruce yours up with paint or stain and cute decor.

  2. This project turned out so awesome. You are so talented, and have the gift and energy to push forward to do these projects on your own. You ROCK I can hardly wait to see what the inside will look like when you are able to move forward for the restoration.

    1. Thank you so much! Trust me, I don't always have a ton of energy. I definitely balance my time of working hard and being lazy haha.

  3. Very cute makeover. I like the black, it makes everything else pop! I have enjoyed reading your blog for years and am always amazed with your Dollar Store hacks! Love them!

  4. Definitely love the new look. I'm thinking of painting my garage door, and wondered what was the sheen used? Satin? Matte? when buying the Sherwin William paint. How did you decide on what was purchased. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I used Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior in Matte. I've used this product on previous outdoor products and knew it would hold up great. I love a flat finish, but matte is wipeable and much easier to keep clean. I hope that helps!