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Monday, April 1, 2019

Dollar Store DIY: How to Make Decorative Moss Balls

Learn how to make decorative moss covered balls using supplies found at the Dollar Tree.

Happy April and happy Dollar Store DIY day!  Last month, I shared how to make DIY sharpie art bowls and today I'm sharing a super easy way to make decorative moss covered balls.  

Making DIY moss balls is nothing new and there are many different tutorials floating around, but I wanted to share how you can make them using only supplies from Dollar Tree.  You only need 3 supplies, $6 and less than 10 minutes to make these decorative moss balls.  It doesn't get much easier or cheaper than that!  

DIY Dollar Tree decorative moss balls

You can make a bunch of moss balls and display them in a dough bowl or glass vase for an easy table centerpiece or make just a few for affordable shelf decor. 

***DESIGN TIP*** Display decorative objects in odd numbers, in particular, groups of three.  Odd numbers create visual interest and force your eye to move around a grouping.  

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- Dollar Tree foam play balls
- Floral Moss
- Tacky Glue
- Large bowl
- Scissors


foam balls from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has a variety of different size foam and plastic balls you can use to make these DIY moss balls, but I liked the size of the play balls.  If you're wanting larger moss balls you can use the mini sports balls or if you want to make mini moss balls you can use the package of floral foam.

Supplies needed to make diy moss covered balls


This project gets a little messy, so grab a large bowl and work close to a sink.  Separate and pull apart a handful of moss (roughly enough to cover one ball) into a bowl.

step one: seperate decorative moss in a large bowl

Using your hands, cover the entire foam ball with a good amount of tacky glue.  Once the ball is fully coated in glue, wash your hands before moving to the next step.  I made the mistake of not washing my hands the first time and ended up with floral moss stuck all over my hands.
Step Two: Coat foam ball with tacky glue
With clean hands, press the floral moss onto the foam ball.  Keep forming the moss around the ball until the entire ball is coated and the moss is formed tightly around the ball.
Step three: press moss onto foam ball
Set the decorative moss balls aside to dry.  Once fully dry, use scissors to trim any loose or stray pieces of moss.
Step Four: let moss balls dry then cut off stray moss

how to make decorative moss balls

DIY Dollar Tree moss balls
I set my moss balls in a vintage galvanized tray on my painted barrister bookcase.  If I wasn't in the middle of packing up our first floor, I'd definitely display them in a dough bowl on my dining room table.
DIY Decorative moss balls from Dollar Tree
These easy DIY moss balls are a great affordable craft project and perfect versatile decor item that you can use throughout your entire home. 

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  1. Hmmmm....I bet I could use this method, stick a couple onto a wooden dowel, and make a small topiary! Thanks!! This is awesome!

  2. Heading to the $ Tree!! Oh my I love it and how creative you are! Thanks for sharing.Cindy