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Monday, April 29, 2019

6 Clever Ways to Decorate Around a TV

How to decorate around a TV.  The best creative ways to hide, camouflage and decorate around a TV. 

I've always wanted to disguise, hide or decorate around our living room TV, but didn't want to do anything major until we renovated our upstairs.  Well, now that we're in the middle of the upstairs renovation it's time to think about our TV situation.

Modern farmhouse living room

Do you see where the faux fiddle tree is?  That's where the new walkway will lead from the kitchen to the living room.   It will be so nice to have an open floorplan, but that also means the side and back of our current TV will be highly visible, wires and all.  Not a view I was looking forward too and I knew I'd need to make a few design changes.  

TV before, Modern Farmhouse living room
I splurged and bought a new frame TV to take care of the wire issues and being able to see behind the TV and now it's time to think about how I want to decorate around the TV.  


Probably the easiest and cheapest way to decorate around a TV is to add a gallery wall.   You can keep it symmetrical with the same size frames and artwork or go a little eclectic with varying frames, colors and artwork.  Either way, gallery walls are a great inexpensive way to blend a TV in with your decor. 
Gallery wall around a tv

Hide a TV with a gallery wall

You know I love a good dark accent wall, so I'm all for using a dark wall to help camouflage a TV.
Camouflage a TV with a dark wall

I'm leaning towards keeping the living room clean, modern and clutter free, so adding a simple frame around the TV is definitely an idea that I'm loving. 
Hide a TV with a frame
Source: Leclair Decor

Do you prefer not to see your TV at all?  There are some really cool ideas for hiding a TV, including my two favorites, adding sliding barn doors and using large artwork.  
Hide a TV with sliding barn doors
Source: Sarah Joy

Hiding a TV behind sliding Barn doors is such an easy DIY project that you can customize to fit your style.  If DIY is not your thing, there's always the option to use vintage cabinet or barn doors.  Either way, hiding a TV behind doors is a stylish option to make your TV disappear.  

I love incorporating unique vintage pieces in our home, so of course, the idea of hiding a TV behind a cool vintage pulldown map is something I totally dig.  
Hide a TV with a vintage pull down map

Do you love to decorate?  Decorating around a TV is a great way to blend your TV in with your favorite decor.  
How to decorate around a TV

Decorating around a TV

If you want to hide your TV and make a statement consider building a wall unit with sliding doors.  This beautiful DIY piece from Brepurposed is gorgeous even when the doors are open and the TV is exposed.
             Hide a TV with a large wall unit
Source: Brepurposed

I also love the idea of creating built-ins around a TV for a custom look. 
Built ins around a TV
Source: DecorPad

No matter your style or budget, there are a lot of creative ways to hide or blend a TV into your home decor.   What idea is your favorite?

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How to decorate around a TV

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