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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Affordable and Stylish Mixed Material Bookshelves

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You are probably aware that I'm in full blown basement makeover mode.  It's slow going, but I have made major progress and installed the new floors, planked the back wall, tiled the bar backsplash, painted the brick fire place and refinished the basement steps.  I also DIYed new artwork for over the art table and bought new rugs, couch and coffee table.  Now, I'm finally (FINALLY!) nearing the final stages of the makeover and it's time to pick an affordable mixed material bookcase! 

Affordable mixed material, industrial farmhouse bookcases

We have a weird spot to the right of our fireplace that desperately needs attention.  My original plan was to build a custom cabinet and shelves, but after realizing that my husbands Bose acoustimass module for his surround sound wouldn't fit in the cabinet I had to move to plan B. 

Yes, I am designing a space around an electronic that my husband HAS TO HAVE.  Does anyone else have this problem?  It's crazy that I'm changing plans based on an electronic, but I figured he's been gracious enough to give me full reign of designing the basement, so the least I could do was let him keep his surround sound.    

If I could find an affordable bookcase with the right dimensions I could put the acoustimass module on the bottom shelf and style the other shelves nice and pretty. Perfect!


1. Affordability
First and foremost the shelf had to be affordable.  I know my definition of affordable could be way different than someone else's definition.  For me, if I could find a bookcase that was less than $300 then I was golden.  That could be a lot for you, but considering some bookcases I came across were upwards of $1000 I thought $300 was a very reasonable and affordable price. 

mixed material wood and metal bookcase

2. Size
I had to follow strict measurements and let me tell you this was not easy.  I don't have much wiggle room next to the fireplace, which meant I had to make sure the shelf was not too wide and there was enough distance between the shelves. 
farmhouse industrial bookcase, mixed material

3.  Color and Style
You know I love to mix light and dark and wood and metal.  I really wanted a shelf that gave off an industrial farmhouse vibe and mixing materials was the perfect way to get that look.  I had my heart set on a wood and metal shelf, BUT the wood had to compliment our new wood coffee table.  I felt like Goldilocks.  The shelf couldn't be too dark or too light, it had to be just right. 
Affordable mixed material bookcase

Even with all these strict requirements I found the perfect affordable, mixed material bookcase that I can't wait to share with you all!


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  1. Great size and design of bookshelves. Completely helpful post to pick one perfect book rack for home.

  2. This is perfect for any house. I'll definitely try this in my next project. I am a home improvement contractor by profession so I love to get new ideas from the quality resources. This is an great idea.