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Monday, September 19, 2016

Going Batty: A Thrifty Halloween Entryway

I know it's technically not even fall and many of you are still clinging onto summer, but I couldn't resist sharing a few early Halloween decorations I put up this weekend.  Last year, I was a total slacker and didn't do a thing to decorate for Halloween, so I'm making up for it this year.  I won't be turning my home into a haunted house, but I will be adding a few thrifty Halloween decorations to celebrate one of my kids favorite holiday's.

Thrifty Halloween Entryway
I didn't go out and buy any new Halloween decorations or use fancy electronic decor.  Everything is either from my Halloween stash, thrift store makeovers or really inexpensive DIY projects.

Bat cutouts and thrifty Halloween decor
I had a lot of bats already cut out from when I used them a few years ago.  However, I did cut out a few more using this bat printable.
Thrifty Halloween entryway
 The "wood" wall pieces were an easy DIY project.  All you need is black poster board, wood grain vinyl shelf paper and black paint.
bat cutouts and thrifty halloween decor and DIY projects

Thrifty Halloween entrway
The Halloween books and freaky picture were also easy DIY projects.  
Easy DIY Halloween Books
The hammered metal pumpkin bucket was bought from HomeGoods (here is a similar one) a few years ago, but I'm pretty sure I've still seen them around. 

***TIP*** Shop stores the day after Halloween when everything is marked down 50%.  That's how I scored a ton of fake spider webs and my skeleton head and hands. 
     Hammered metal pumpkin bucket

Batty front door

Thrifty Halloween entryway decor

Bats and thrifty halloween decor
My painted faux pumpkins made an appearance on the entry table as well as a few more Goodwill plaques that I turned into spooky Halloween pictures.
Easy DIY Halloween art
I almost took the bird cage back to Goodwill last week and I'm so glad I didn't.  I bought it a few years ago and spray painted it green to use on the basement mantel.  Since I'm in full blown basement makeover mode I was ready to say goodbye to the $1.00 bird cage and send it back to Goodwill.  That was until I realized it would make the perfect cage for my skeleton head.
Skull in thrifted bird cage

I whipped out some flat black spray paint, painted it black and it made the perfect addition to my Halloween entry table.   The books were also purchased from Goodwill a few months ago. Remember, I said I never leave Goodwill without a few books in hand :) 
Thrifty Halloween decor

Easy DIY Halloween decor and faux painted pumpkins
Do you decorate for Halloween?  I know not everyone celebrates or decorates, but it sure can be a fun Holiday.  Our kids have already picked out their Halloween costumes and I can't wait for our neighbors annual Halloween party.

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  1. halloween decor is so fun and with all the black and white in your home it looks perfect!

    1. I agree, Halloween is so fun and the kids love having the house decorated. Sometimes I wish I could keep the fake cobwebs out all year so I wouldn't have to clean, haha!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! I love how simple touches made it look so good and festive!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! It's amazing the impact a few paper cut out bats can make to a space :)