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Friday, January 29, 2016

Five Friday Finds- Neutral and Affordable Area Rugs

Hello Friday, it's so nice to see you!

We have plans for a basement makeover in the upcoming months (thanks to me flooding the basement and a very naughty kitty), so I've been spending a lot of time looking at flooring, paint colors, rugs, furniture and decor items.  I'll be sharing a full blown basement mood board soon, but for now I'm sharing a few rugs that I stumbled upon while doing a little research.

Finding the perfect rug can be tricky.  With so many different colors, textures, patterns, sizes and materials to choose from it's no wonder it can be a challenge.  I encourage you to take your time, figure out what you love and what works best in your space.  Keep in mind that a rug should be large enough that at least the front third of furniture sits on the rug.  Don't skimp and get a rug that's too small, it will make your room look awkward and unfinished.   On the other hand, the perfect rug can finish and complete a space. 

Currently, I have this rug in our living room and love it so much that I'm pretty certain I'll be ordering one very similar for our basement.  Although, don't be surprised if you see any one of the five rugs below make an appearance.

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Marrakesh shag rug, 100% wool.
{Picking The Perfect Rug} Five neutral and affordable area rugs.
via Rugs USA
$231 (on sale) for a 5x8

This is currently the number one contender for our basement.  The new floors will be dark, so a light colored, fluffy carpet is a must.  Isn't it perfect?

Maui Boucle printed rug, 100% Jute.
{Picking The Perfect Rug} Five neutral and affordable area rugs.
via Rugs USA
$123 (on sale!) for a 5x8

I love the subtle herringbone pattern of this one, but unfortunately it doesn't come in the size we need.

Braided rug, 100% wool
{Picking The Perfect Rug} Five neutral and affordable area rugs.
via Rugs USA
$291 (on sale!) for a 6x9

Doesn't this rug look like it would be super soft, just like a sweater?

Hand woven natural sisal zig zag rug.
{Picking The Perfect Rug} Five neutral and affordable area rugs.
$295 for a 5x8

I really like the herringbone pattern of this one too.  Can you tell I have a thing for herringbone? This rug would be a serious contender, but my husbands number one request was that the rug be super soft and I'm not sure this one fits the bill.   I normally don't give into his requests, but since he has agreed to let me put laminate in the basement I should at least order the type of rug he wants.  Of course that doesn't mean he actually gets to pick the rug.  I do have to draw the line somewhere, right? #happywifehappylife

Dash and Albert Natural Jute Woven Rug
{Picking The Perfect Rug} Five neutral and affordable area rugs.
via Amazon
$377 for a 5x8

I feel like you can never go wrong with a natural jute rug.  I don't think it's soft enough for our basement, but it would be great for a dining room or sunroom.

So, which one is your favorite?  You really can't go wrong with a neutral rug and any one of these would look great in just about any space.

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  1. Love these and I share your love of herringbone! We have an ivory herringbone jute rug in our living room and I love it! The sweater rug you posted was one of our top contenders, too. It looks SO comfy!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this look! Turned out awesome!