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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

14 Amazing and Easy Hacks to Organize your Home

The best inexpensive tips, tricks and home organization hacks! 

Who doesn't love starting off a New Year with a clean and organized home?  I know I tend to go a bit crazy with wanting to declutter and organize this time of year.  Over the past few weeks, I've gotten rid of a ton of things and moved many unused items to the shed for a future yard sale.  Now that our spaces are cleaned out, it's time to get our home organized!  

home organization hacks
Home organization can definitely get expensive if you're running out and buying all new baskets and bins.  The good news is, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get your home in order.  Here are 14 amazing organizing hacks that will not only get you organized but keep your hard earned cash in your wallet.  

The best budget-friendly home organization hacks!

1. Maximize under the cabinet storage by hanging cleaning supplies from a tension rod.
Maximize under the cabinet storage with a tension rode
Via Martha Stewart

2. Utilize the back of your pantry door to store kitchen supplies.
Utilize the back of a pantry door for kitchen supplies
Via Shanty 2 Chic

3. Reuse old paint cans to make little office cubbies. 
Reuse old paint cans to make office cubbies
via Martha Stewart

4. Use a spool rack (this one was found for $2 at Goodwill!) to store and organize washi tape.
Organize washi tape with an inexpensive spool rack
via A Night Owl

5. Store wrapping paper in a clear garment bag for easy closet storage.
Organize  wrapping paper in a clear garment bag
via The Chic

6. Use a pot lid rack to sort mail or magazines.
Use a pot lid rack to organize mail

7. Turn a Tic Tac container into a stylish bobby pin case!  This could work for so many tiny accessories that you don't want to lose.
Use a Tic tac holder to keep bobby pins organized
via Lovely Indeed

8. Do you REALLY like Tic Tac's or know someone who does?  Do you have a lot of loose ribbon laying around?  Why not use them to keep all your ribbon organized. 
Use Tic Tac containers to keep loose ribbon organized
via Craft and Creativity

9. Turn plastic bottles into a unique jewelry holder.  Plastic bottles, who knew?
Turn a plastic bottle into a jewelry organizer
via EPOT

10. Use an old metal file cabinet to organize yard tools in the garage. 

 ***TIP*** I always find a ton of these cabinets super cheap at Goodwill.
Use an old metal file cabinet to organize garage tools

11. Turn a chest into office storage.
Turn a chest into office storage

12. Use a spice rack to organize tiny craft supplies.
Use a spice rack to organize tiny craft supplies

13. Create an organized jewelry drawer with items you have laying around the house.  You will never guess how thrifty and inexpensive this awesome jewelry organizer was to create.
Use an egg crate to organize jewerly

14. Simple eye hooks and wood dowels are perfect for storing wrapping paper.

Pretty creative, huh?

I hope these affordable storage and organizing hacks inspire you to get your own home organized.  It just goes to show that with a little imagination you can turn just about anything into the perfect storage solution.

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  1. That under the sink tension rod is genius!

  2. Some of these storage solutions are really cheap and simple, but it's procrastination that gets the better of me and stops me from actually getting around to put these ideas in place! Haha!

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