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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

6 Ways to Decorate With Vintage Santa Mugs

Do you love vintage Santa mugs?  Do you have a large collection and need new ideas on how to display them?  Bring a little jolly nostalgia to your home with these creative ways to style and display vintage Santa mugs! 

I gravitate towards neutrals, I decorate with neutrals, I dress in neutrals, but I have a total soft spot for classic vintage Santa mugs and decor.  

It's the only time I decorate with red and I'm 100% here for it!  I mean, how can you resist those rosy cheeks and jolly little winking faces? 

Throughout the years and after many days and hours of hunting, I've been able to grow my collection of vintage Santa mugs.  They're getting harder and harder to find (and much more expensive!), but there are still good deals out there.  

Vintage Santa mugs in wood cubby


The majority of my vintage Santa mugs were purchased at auctions, antique malls, thrift stores and yard sales.  I've bought and sold many throughout the years but recently started keeping more for myself. These nostalgic sought-after mugs are getting harder to find, so if you want to start an immediate collection Etsy and eBay are great sources. 

If you're not particular about having authentic vintage mugs, Amazon has a great vintage Santa mug look-a-like

I typically display my Santa mugs in the kitchen, but since my mug collection is growing, I decided to have a little fun and play around with other styling and decorating ideas. 


1.  Classic Mug Display

Hanging Santa mugs from a mug tree stand is a simple and classic way to display your favorite mugs.  I like to add a few vintage thermoses next to my mug tree for a classic hot choclate/coffee bar vibe.
Displaying vintage santa mugs on mug tree

2.  Glass Cloche Display

I use vintage glass cloches to display some of my favorite vintage Cameras and Westclox clocks.  At Christmastime, the cloches are perfect for displaying a few Santa mugs. Depending on the size of your cloche you can also add winter greenery, bottle brush trees, flower frogs, antique sleigh bells, vintage ornaments and brass or plastic deer.  
vintage santa mugs in wood cloche

vintage Santa mugs in wood cloche

Vintage Santa mugs in wood cloche

vintage Santa mugs in wood cloche

3. Filled Santa Mugs

The most common item to place in vintage Santa mugs are bottle brush trees, but have you thought about adding other Christmas items inside your mugs?   I tried out vintage sheet music pages and small vintage-inspired ornaments and loved both ideas! 

Santa mugs filled with Christmas trees

For the sheet music, I rolled up one page, secured it with clear scotch tape then cut the page in half for a super quick and easy holiday mug filler. 

Vintage Santa mugs filled with sheet music

Santa mugs filled with ornaments

4. Santa Mug Planters

A few months ago, I found this awesome three sided vintage Santa planter for $.99 at a thrift store.  I know it's not a mug, but the larger Santa mugs (usually not vintage) would work great as planters as well.  
Vintage Santa planter

Vintage Santa Planter
Isn't he so cute?

5. Mug Decorated Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree with vintage Santa mugs might sound like a crazy idea, but I totally think it works.  It's unique, a little uncommon and a great way to display your favorite Santa mugs. 

TIP:  It's best to hang mugs on artificial trees that have sturdy branches.  Real trees tend to droop over time and you don't want to risk your mugs falling and breaking.  

Santa mugs on Christmas tree

Santa Mugs on Christmas Tree

6. Wood Cubby Display

You can't go wrong with filling a wood cubby with Santa mugs and other small vintage Christmas items.  I used a $9.00 wood cubby from Goodwill and filled it with mugs, antique sleigh bells, flower frogs, greenery and rolled up sheet music.

Vintage Santa mugs in wood cubby

Vintage Santa mugs in wood cubby

Vintage Santa mugs in wood cubby, vintage Christmas decor

Vintage Santa mugs are adorable and perfect on their own so it's easy to make them look good in your home! 

What's your favorite way to display your Santa mug collection? 

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Ways to style and display Vintage Santa Mugs


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