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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Antique Apothecary Jar Mantel Display

Fireplace mantel styled with 1890's antique apothecary jars. 

While the majority of bloggers are beginning to decorate for Christmas, I'm over here styling my fireplace mantel with my new collection of antique apothecary jars.  

Hunting and picking for vintage decor are fun, but there's something incredibly gratifying about stumbling upon an instant collection, especially an antique pharmaceutical bottle collection. 

I saw them online at a local auction and knew right away that I had to have them.  Old apothecary jars are getting harder and harder to find, with large collections and LUG (label under glass) jars being almost impossible. 

Antique LUD aopothecary jars

The auction lot was for thirteen LUG apothecary bottles from the late 1890s.  I was really happy to win the lot for $170, which after fees made each bottle about $15.  It may seem like a lot of money, but it was a steal for these rare and super cool apothecary jars. 

It would have taken me YEARS and a heck of a lot more money to find 13 jars.

antique lud apothecary jars

I knew right away that I wanted to use them to decorate my fireplace mantel. 

I shopped my house for additional decor to use with the jars and ended up using an old Hamilton printers tray, a few books, antlers, and greenery. 

mantle styled with antique apothecary jars

mantle styled with antique LUD jars

LUD apothecary jars, 1890s apothecary jars

antique apothecary jars, 1890s apothecary jars

vintage mantle styling

vintage modern basement, vintage apothecary bottles

antique LUG apothecary bottles

vintage modern basement decor

vintage modern basement decor

This apothecary jar mantle is hands down my favorite mantel display!  It's neutral, vintage, and includes a little bit of everything I love. 

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