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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Simple and Stylish Kitchen Counter Decor

Keep your kitchen functional and stylish with these simple kitchen counter decorating tips! 

Kitchen countertops are magnets for unnecessary decor and clutter.  

Trust me, I know how quickly and easily random clutter can accumulate.

I try to keep my kitchen counters clean, but it never fails, as soon as I get them cleared off they get covered again. 

I finally decided I had had enough and cleaned, organized, and simplified my kitchen counters, hoping to keep them clutter-free for good.

Vintage modern kitchen decor

Our kitchen, living room, and dining room are completely open, so a cluttered and unorganized kitchen negatively impacts how I feel about the rest of my home.  

Can you relate?

Keeping the kitchen counters clean, the sink clear, the countertops simplified and my plant babies thriving has reduced my stress and improved my mood, which makes me one happy mama.

kitchen counter decor, kitchen counter styling

There can be a fine line though between having a clean, organized, and lived-in kitchen versus one that feels bare, stark, and more like a non-functioning model home.

Kitchens are the heart of our homes, so let's create a space that looks clean and simplified, yet beautifully and perfectly functional for you and your family.


1. Do I use it often?

2.  Is it functional?

3.  Is it serving a purpose?

4. Is it a plant? 

5. Is it taking up too much space? 

Simple and stylish kitchen counters


1. Cutting boards  

They serve a purpose, are a kitchen staple, and double as stylish decor by adding texture and warmth.  Layering them against a backsplash and keeping them within reach while cooking is beautiful and functional.

Tip: Only use one side of your cutting boards.  This keeps the other side scratch-free and pretty when being displayed.

Let cutting boards double as decor

2. Glass jar with dog bones 

We give our Golden Retriever treats often and since I had space, I filled a large vintage Planters jar with Milk Bones to keep them easily accessible.  The touch of vintage adds a bit of stylish uniqueness to something that may otherwise be boring and basic.

Don't have pets?  A vintage glass jar would make a wonderful cookie jar as well. 

Use vintage jars for counter storage

3. Canister set 

I don't do much baking (I prefer cooking), so I kept my canister set simple with a sugar and flour canister only.  (The rest of my baking supplies are organized in a vintage locker basket in my pantry)

I prefer the clean look of solid canisters (as opposed to clear ones) and I also wanted them to double as decor, so I opted for these sleek black and wood canisters from Crate and Barrel

Helpful Information: 12 Stylish Canister Sets

simple kitchen counters, kitchen canister set
Side Note:  I don't use a fruit bowl or stand and instead just keep my fresh fruit (bananas, pineapple, and cantaloupe) on top or next to the toaster.   I keep all other fruit (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, apples, and oranges) in the fridge.  

Vegetables that aren't stored in the fridge are kept in white storage bins on the bottom shelf of the pantry.
simplified kitchen counter decor

4. Plants 

Do I even need to explain? 

If you are a plant lover like me, you will appreciate live greenery and the touch of life that plants bring to a kitchen.  Our kitchen also gets a tremendous amount of natural light, which makes it an ideal place for my plants to grow and thrive. 

Helpful Information: Low Maintenance House Plants
decorate kitchen counters with plants
Blue Star Fern (the only fern I can keep alive) / Faux succulent / ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia Plant 

5. Toaster 

I use my toaster often and knew I wanted to keep it on the counter, so I splurged on a Smeg. It's sleek, stylish, completely functional, doesn't take up much space, and is 100% worth the money. 

splurge on stylish small appliances

6. Blender

A blender probably isn't an appliance you would choose or want to keep out on the counter, however, I use my blender every day.  It was important for me to have it easily accessible and I don't mind it tucked in the corner next to the toaster. 

(Larger small appliances like the Air Fryer, slow cooker, and electric pot are neatly tucked away in the lower cabinet to the right of the stove)

Ideally, small appliances should be hidden away in a cabinet or pantry to free up counter space.  If it's more practical and efficient to keep certain appliances out on the counter, consider investing in ones that look good too.  

7. Wood pedestal with dish soap, hand soap, and sponge 

Dish soap can be tucked away under the sink, but if you're like me and like having them accessible by the kitchen sink, opt for cute containers.  

I buy glass amber soap dispensers from HomeGoods and then refill them with Mrs. Meyers, which I have delivered monthly through Grove

Tip: Use a wood pedestal or small metal tray to create a small grouping of dishwashing essentials for a cleaner, contained, and organized look. 
kitchen counter decor, simple counter decor
And because I love adding vintage touches throughout my home, I use two flower frogs as sponge trays. 

organized kitchen counter, kitchen soaps

9. Paper towel holder

Sadly, we go through a lot of paper towels.  Having them out and next to the sink is a must.  Many great paper towel holder options help this kitchen staple look stylish.
pretty paper towel holder

10. Coffee Station (with mug rack, coffee and sugar)

If you're not a coffee drinker, a coffee station may not be necessary or needed.  For me, coffee is very much a necessity to function as a productive human being. 

I've kept my coffee maker in different locations throughout the kitchen but found it most functional next to the fridge.  I keep my Keurig, Coffee, mugs, and sugar all in one area for quick and easy access. 

simple kitchen coffee station

A few key takeaways to help answer what should be on kitchen counters?

1. Aim to only leave out items you use daily 

2. Use a tray or pedestal to corral, organize, and gound like items 

3. Pretty decor should also be functional 

4. Keep the sink clean and free of dirty dishes

5. Incorporate fun, colorful, or vintage items that also serve a purpose.  Greenery or fresh flowers in a vintage vase are wonderful ways to add a pop of color. 

simple kitchen counter decor

Our kitchen counter setup may not be ideal for everyone, but for me, the current counter decor is the perfect combination of function, simplicity, and style. 

What are your must-have kitchen counter essentials?



simple and stylish kitchen counter decor

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Simple and stylish kitchen counter decor


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