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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

8 Ways to Save on Home Decor

Save money without sacrificing style with these eight home decorating ideas! 

With rising prices, it's probably safe to assume that a lot of you are more cautious and aware of your spending habits and looking to cut expenses wherever you can, especially on non-essentials.  Am I right?

Personally, I am trying to be more aware of unnecessary and frivolous spending, but that doesn't mean I don't make any new purchases or updates to my home. 

As a saver and a home decor lover, I always aim to update and decorate my home in the most budget-friendly way possible.  Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite ways to save on home decor that will hopefully help you create a home you love without sacrificing style.

Budget decorating tips and ideas


Between DIY and home decorating shows, magazines, high-end decor stores, Pinterest, catalogs and blogs I often find myself attracted to expensive decor that is out of my budget.  Don't get me wrong, there are definitely times that I splurge, but for the most part, I like to keep my home decor budget-friendly.

Instead of getting discouraged that certain items are out of my price range, I keep an eye out for less expensive options from stores that are a little more budget-friendly.  

Way back in 2014, I stumbled upon a West Elm console table that I loved.  The $1400 price tag was obviously out of my budget, so I kept my eye out and searched for something similar. 

West Elm console table

I ended up finding a table at HomeGoods for $199 that was the perfect candidate to mimic the look of the more expensive table.  I stained the original table darker, replaced the pulls with custom handmade bin pulls (made from sheet metal) then finished off the table with a few metal accents.  
Budget-friendly HomeGoods console table

I've had this table since 2014 and it still sits in my entry.   I have no plans of replacing it with something more expensive and love it just as much as the day I brought it into my home. 


3. Walmart 
9. H&M
11. Overstock 
12. Amazon 
17. Etsy 
18. IKEA 
21. Hayneedle 
22. Poly & Bark (A good dupe for Arhaus)


Save money and expand your greenery by growing new plants from clippings.  

Start with a few inexpensive plants that are easy to propagate.  Personally, I have done very well with propagating Pothos and Chinese Money Plants.  

Propagate plants

For Pothos, I cut off about a 4-inch leaf stem just below a leaf node then place the cutting in a cup of water.  I place the cutting on my kitchen counter where it's warm and gets plenty of light.  It takes a few weeks for roots to sprout, but once they do I allow them to grow to about an inch then transplant the new clippings into soil.  

propagated pothos plant

Pilea Peperomioides (also known as Chinese Money Plant, Coin Plant and Pass it on Plant) is another easy plant to divide and propagate.   Healthy Pilea plants will produce baby plants that will spout out from the roots of the mother plant.
dividing a Chinese Money plant
These babies can be carefully dug out, cut off near the root of the mother then repotted.  
Divided Chinese Money plant

I'm still new to being a plant mom, but switching from faux to real plants has made such a difference in the feel of my home.   For over a year now,  I've been propagating and dividing plants to expand the number of real plants in my home without any added expense. 

Vintage decor and real plant


As I mentioned the other day, I like to fill my home with unique and one-of-a-kind art.  Unfortunately, vintage, custom and unique art can be expensive and/or hard to come by. 

Consider using free printable art,  printing downloadable art and repurposing or creating your own art.  You can find old art canvases and inexpensive and unique frames from places like auctions and secondhand stores.  These can be painted over and/or updated to make affordable art look and feel custom and high-end. 

print, diy or repurpose art


Shopping your home is by far my favorite affordable decorating tip and one that I talk about often.   It's worth mentioning over and other though because there really is no better way to save on home decor than shopping your own home.  

Having a good base of home decor essentials allows you to mix and match, rotate and combine decor to create endless combinations throughout your home.  It's pretty amazing how different pillows, throws, artwork and small decor accents can change from one room to another. 

save. money by shopping your home


Spray paint and Rub 'n Buff can do wonders when it comes to updating and transforming outdated hardware and fixtures.  

I've used spray paint and/or Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff on everything from door, cabinet and furniture hardware, light fixtures and furniture.  It's easy to work with, convenient to buy and quickly updates anything it touches with minimal effort and expense. 

spray paint dated fixtures

Last year, I used white and black spray paint to update an old porch swing and door hardware as part of my budget-friendly modern shed makeover.  Porch stain and an affordable Facebook Marketplace patio set helped complete the affordable shed deck makeover.
using spray paint to update a shed


I can confidently say, I shop at secondhand shops, flea markets, Facebook Marketplace and auctions just as much and if not more than I do retail stores.  They are the best places to find unique, affordable and one-of-a-kind decor.  

Shop secondhand

Vintage home decor found secondhand

Before and after antique stool makeover

vintage wood cubby console auction find


It's not always easy to hold out and risk an item being out of stock, but if you can, waiting for end of season sales can save a significant amount of money.  It's also good to know retailers' sale schedules and when they typically mark items down.


1. Shop Amazon Prime Days.   Amazon Prime Days is a large two-day mega sale event for Prime members that is typically held during the summer months. 

2. Use coupons and stack them with sales if possible.  Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target (you may need to download their app) are just a few retailers who offer coupons that can also be applied to sale items.  

3.  Shop holiday sales.  Most retailers will have sales during large holidays and/or offer free shipping.  Memorial Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few popular sale days to keep an eye out for. 

4. Do your research.  If there's something you want or need, be sure to check and compare prices at multiple retailers before making a purchase.  Use an app such as ShopSavvy to compare prices by scanning barcodes for quick and easy price comparisons. 


Paint is affordable and can drastically change the look of a space in a matter of a few hours.  Consider painting an accent wall, adding wallpaper or creating a feature wall with molding to add drama, character and interest to a space.

Most people notice walls as soon as they walk into a room, so this simple and budget-friendly change can easily and drastically change the entire look and feel of a room. 

Iron Ore painted accent wall

Iron Ore painted board and batten accent wall

Updating and decorating a home can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be.  Being patient, waiting for sales, researching and getting your hands dirty can be fulfilling, exciting and help you to create a beautiful and stylish home you love, without comprising style or your budget. 

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