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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Let's Decorate: Affordable Neutral Spring Decor

Freshen and lighten up your home for spring with these affordable and neutral spring decor favorites!

It's officially Spring, although, it definitely doesn't feel like it here in Maryland. 

Lately, it's been cold and rainy and we've even had a bit of snow. 

The less than desirable weather may be delaying me from switching to my vintage Bates bedspread for spring, but I have swapped out heavy throw blankets for lighter alternatives, repotted, trimmed and propagated a few of my overgrown house plants and started eying up some affordable spring decor.  

Spring dining room

Spring is a great time to "lighten" your home, so before I get to my affordable spring decor picks, I wanted to share a few of my favorite budget-friendly spring decorating ideas. 


1.  Replace dark and heavy textiles (throw blankets, pillows, bedding, drapes, etc.) with lighter colors and fabrics.  Linen and cotton blends are lightweight and perfect for Spring! 

1.  Bring the outdoors in by clipping budding branches.  Forsythia, Cherry Blossom and Dogwood trees are perfect options for adding a free touch of spring to your home.

2.  Add new house plants and/or repot current house plants that may be outgrowing their current pots.  Consider choosing a lined rattan or wicker basket or a fun textured planter.

3.  Clean!  Spring is an ideal time to deep clean, declutter and "lighten" your home.  

4. Swap out artwork for a collage of thrifted flat weave baskets.  The texture and natural elements are perfect for spring.

5.  Add a fun pop of color to open kitchen shelving by replacing dishes and glassware with colorful vintage alternatives.  Vintage Whitehall glasses are a personal favorite of mine and can often be found at thrift stores and flea markets. 

6.  Let food double as decor.  A bowl of lemons,  limes or oranges not only add a vibrant pop of color to a kitchen counter, but they are also functional.

Spring branch leaf stem


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Neutral spring decor favorites

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