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Friday, February 25, 2022

8 of The Best Home Decor Essentials to Have on Hand

A great stash of home decor essentials allows you to easily rotate decor to create beautiful spaces in your home. 

If you haven't noticed by now, you'll quickly learn that I love rotating and changing my decor.  I'm constantly creating new looks by moving around books, pillows, planters, greenery and throws from one room to another.  

Keeping a stash of neutral home decor essentials allows me to easily switch up decor and create fresh new looks with minimal expense. 

The best home decor staples

I keep our decor neutral (adding texture and contrast keeps it fun and interesting),  which not only creates flow in our small ranch home but also allows me to easily rotate decor and update our spaces.

Do you want to know what my favorite home decor essentials are?


I'm an old book lover and have them all throughout my home.  I tend to search for books with green, black or tan bindings and often remove covers completely from books that are damaged.  Most of the books I buy are from auctions, but thrift stores, church missions, flea markets and Facebook Marketplace are other great sources for scoring affordable vintage books.

Design Tip: Books are great for filling in spaces on a bookcase, and adding texture and height to decor pieces.

Home decor essentials, books

Home Decor staples, books


Mirrors are great for bouncing off light and visually making a space feel larger.  Hang them across from a window, in an entryway or simply style one above a fireplace or unique piece of furniture. 

Mirrors are also a great alternative to artwork when you are trying to fill space on your walls.

Home Decor Staples, mirrors


Throw pillows are one of my favorite decor staples.   They are such an affordable way to add texture and style to a space.  I keep all mine fairly neutral (except for the occasional seasonal pillow) and constantly rotate them from room to room.  It's such an easy and affordable way to get a new look without spending any money.  

Budget-Friendly Tip: Save money by reusing feather pillow inserts and buying only pillow covers.  You can shop some of my favorite affordable pillow sources for even more savings. 

Home decor essentials, pillows

home decor essentials, pillows

Home decor essentials, pillows

Home decor essentials, pillows


Baskets and crates are so versatile and perfect for every room.  I love using them throughout our home to organize, conceal toys, corral shoes and soften spaces.  I always keep my eye out for unique vintage options such as canvas laundry baskets, metal milk crates and industrial crates.  

Design Tip: Use a wicker basket as a planter to instantly add style, warmth and texture to a space.  

Storage Tip: Use a basket for toy storage then top with a throw blanket for a clean, stylish and concealled storage solution.  

Home decor essentials, baskets and crates

Home Decor essentials, baskets and crates

Decor essentials, baskets


Do you feel like your decor is floating or missing something?  Trays are great for styling vignettes,  corralling and organizing clutter (think books and remote controls on a coffee table), but my favorite way to use trays is to ground decor.  A tray under a bunch of books and a vase instantly feels more styled, complete and intentional.

Home decor staples, trays

Home Decor staples, trays


Whether you prefer real or artificial, adding plants and greenery can freshen up a space, add a nice pop of color to a room and help boost your mood.  Plants are great for filling in akward spaces and they help make a room feel alive and complete. 

(Helpful information:  Favorite sources for affordable faux greenery, Low Maintainace houseplants

Home decor essentials, plants

Home decor staples, plants


Besides the obvious, throw blankets are perfect for softening, adding color, texture and warmth to a room.  They're also one of my favorite affordable ways to update your decor for the changing seasons.   Keeping them neutral allows you to easily swap them out from room to room. 
Source Tip:  Shop HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshalls for affordable and fashionable throw blankets. 

Home decor staples, throw blankets

Home Decor essentials, throw blankets


Just like crates, baskets and bins, vases, pots and planters are incredibly versitle and a must for every home.  Whether you fill them with fresh cut flowers, a sprig of greenery or a beautiful plant, having planters throughout your home is a definite must have decor staple. 

I tend to lean towards vintage crocks (in multiple sizes), classic terra cotta planters and black pots so I can rotate and move my real and faux plants throughout my home.  

Home decor essentials, vases, plants, pots

Home decor staples, planters and pots

Home decor staples, planters and crocks

Did you happen to notice a theme?  

Almost all of my spaces include at least a few of my favorite must have home decor essentials.  Whether it's a tray grounding a few books, a plant nestled in a vintage crock or a throw blanket draped over a basket, bench or chair.  

The beauty of these home decor essentials is that you can easily combine, rotate and mix and match to create a beautiful home you love.

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Eight must have home decor essentials

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  1. GREAT article! Having these together in one post for reference is perfect. (I NEED more greenery!)

  2. I think that your home is just adorable! I enjoy your blog, and you give so many great ideas. Your home is simple and sweet!!

  3. Where did you find the big clock in your dining room?

    1. I ordered the clock from Painted Fox Home.

  4. I am seriously coveting the string of wood blocks hanging from the metal shelf hooks❤️❤️ ….along with multiple other items, too, lol!!😃👍👍

  5. Regarding hanging a mirror...did you mean to hang it across FROM a window? This post reads...across a window.

    1. My apologies. Yes, I meant to hang a mirror across from a window. I will make the correction now.