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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

7 Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

Seven easy and effective ways to add texture to your home! 

I'm taking a break from all the Christmas talk to discuss one of my favorite design elements, TEXTURE! 

I like to keep my home fairly neutral, but neutral doesn't have to mean boring. 

If you are like me and tend to shy away from busy patterns and bold colors,  adding texture can be the key to keeping your home stylish and interesting.  

7 ways to add texture to your home


Adding wall treatments throughout your home is one of the best ways to make a big impact for less, especially when it comes to texture.  Personally, I love board and batten and have incorporated the wall treatment throughout my home.  Other great high impact wall treatments include shiplap (vertical and horizontal), plank walls (vertical and horizontal), faux brick, picture frame molding, beadboard and textured wallpaper. 
Add texture with board and batten

Add texture with a plank wall

Add texture with board and batten

Not only do plants have wonderful health benefits (reduces stress and purify the air), but they are an incredibly easy way to add natural texture to your home.  The varying colors, shapes, sizes and imperfections are excellent sources of texture.  Style them on a table, in a bathroom, on a plant stand or hang them from a plant hanger.  There are so many possibilities to decorate and add texture with real and faux plants. 

Add texture with plants

Add texture with plants

I'm a huge fan of mixing metals, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.   I primarily use black, chrome, antique bronze and gold, but really, no metal is off limits.  

For the perfect intentional and cohesive look, pick a primary metal then accent with one or two other metals.  Incorporate each metal multiple times throughout a space and consider adding contrasting metals for added depth, dimension and contrast.  

How to add texture with mixed metals

Adding texture with mixed metals

Vintage modern textured mudroom

I tend to keep pillows in my home neutral (so I can rotate them from room to room), but they are definitely not boring.  I keep them interesting an create lots of texture by picking ones that are knobby, textured and contrasting in color.  

How to add texture with pillows

how to add texture with pillows

Whether you use baskets to hold plants, decorate a wall or coral toys, baskets are an effortless way to add texture and function to a home.  The variety of materials, shapes, sizes and shades, makes including them in your home decor ideal for any decor style.

Adding texture with baskets

When it comes to decorating walls, I'm a huge proponent of adding one-of-a-kind decor that adds texture and dimension.  Instead of simple framed artwork, think outside the box and try adding vintage decor, framed rugs, macrame wall hangings, old chippy signs or create a gallery wall of flatweaves baskets.
Add texture with creative wall decor

Vintage modern mudroom

Patterns and colors can add interest and contrast to a room, but can quickly overwhelm a space.  If you prefer more solid and neutral tones, but don't want your spaces to fall flat, consider layering textiles. 

Whether it's layering rugs, adding more pillows to your bed or an additional quilt, layering textiles can do wonders to create interest and texture to a room.  
How to add texture with textiles
One of my absolute favorite neutral rugs that I have in my home is in my dining room.  The black and white pairs pattern and texture together beautifully without being too busy or overwhelming. 
Textured neutral rug

No matter what decorating style you gravitate to, adding texture is an effective way to keep your home feeling interesting and stylish.  

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Favorite textured decor

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